5 Simple Tips For Avoiding And Repairing A Dehydrated Complexion

5 Simple Tips For Avoiding And Repairing A Dehydrated Complexion

When skin is irritated, dull, sensitive or even oily, there is a good chance dehydration is at play. Often mistaken for being dry, (yes they are two completely different conditions), dehydrated skin is frequently triggered by our diet, harsh products and even seasonal changes. 

In order to get a better understanding of the rules of caring for and avoiding parched skin, we spoke with Trudi Jayne, the General Manager of Retreatment Botanics. Trudi is a skin care expert, facialist, reflexologist, and nutrition and wellness counsellor, who recently co-founded her skin care line with Olivia Newton John (talk about credentials). . Lucky for us, she’s happy to share her knowledge…

What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

“The two are commonly confused so it’s good to know the difference. Dry skin is an inherent skin type that has less natural oil glands, and may be more susceptible with ageing or certain health issues,” Trudi told beautyheaven. “Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is usually temporary and means your skin is lacking in water (not oil). Oily skin types can even suffer from dehydration with high sebum levels but low water content.”

What are tell-tale signs of a dehydrated complexion?

When identifying a dehydrated complexion, Trudi says to look for dull or lacklustre skin. She also notes that, “fine lines and dark under-eye circles may become more visible and the skin may become more inflamed, flakey and itchy in certain areas”.

Luckily for anyone experiencing these signs or symptoms, Trudi reveals that all dehydrated complexions can be entirely reversed with the tweaking of a few lifestyle changes. 

Here are her five top tips for soothing a dehydrated complexion

1. Lock in your moisture

“Sealing your skin [should be] the last step of your skin care ritual. After applying your serums, a nourishing moisturiser will lock in all the moisture and goodness,” explains Trudi. 

“For normal to dry skin, I recommend our vitamin intensive Ultra Rich Moisturiser ($89, Retreatment Botanics).” This pick contains hyaluronic acid and natural ingredients such as mountain pepper berry, Kakadu plum and sea buckthorn.

If your skin sits more on the oily side of the spectrum, Trudi recommends seeking out something lighter like the Light Hydrating Moisturiser ($89, Retreatment Botanics).

We also love the NEUTROGENA ® HYDRO BOOST Water Gel ($26.99, Chemist Warehouse)  to hydrate oilier skin types without causing congestion.

2.  Find hydration within your diet

“It’s important to hydrate yourself from the inside out too,” says Trudi.

The most effective way to do this? “Boost your diet with water-rich foods such as leafy greens and veggies, papaya, avocado, celery, cucumber, organic berries and hydrating soups. Remember, if you’re dehydrated internally, your skin will be too!”

3. Limit your intake of particular beverages 

“Ensure you’re limiting your alcohol, coffee and caffeinated tea consumption to a minimum (as they are dehydrating), and instead hydrate your body with herbal teas and plenty of pure filtered water.” A gentle warning that couldn’t come at a better time as we approach the holiday season.

4. Introduce these two hydrating ingredients

Hyaluronic acid: “Provides deep hydration to the skin for all skin types. This miracle molecule holds 1000 times its weight in water so immediately plumps and hydrates the skin.” 

Plant-derived squalane: “Another super hydrator. This lightweight ingredient mimics our skin’s natural moisture making it feel supple and silky smooth.”

 5. Be cautious of harsh ingredients 

One of the major triggers of dehydrated skin can be overly abrasive or harsh ingredients, which can lead to inflammation and persistent moisture loss in the skin. According to Trudi, it’s important to be mindful of “strong acids, abrasive scrubs, detergents, and frequent, overly intensive treatments [that] can strip away our precious moisture barrier.” 

Understanding our attraction to these seemingly effective products, Trudi warns “while you might experience a quick fix, overtime you’ll likely notice your skin becomes more dehydrated and damaged.”

 Instead, she recommends opting for “effective, hydrating skin care that nurtures your moisture barrier which will see your skin quickly transform from dehydrated to dewy and instantly luminous.” Examples include the Retreatment Botanics Refining Face Polish ($55, Retreatment Botanics), which has been formulated with aloe vera and green papaya enzymes to deeply cleanse while maintaining the integrity of our skin’s delicate barrier.

Main image credit: @courteneycox

Do you have dehydrated skin? If so, what do you do to try and hydrate it?

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  1. A very useful and informative article. I should reduce the amount of coffee and tea I drink each day, but they keep me sane and relaxed. I do however make up for it by drinking a lot of water as well.

  2. When I notice my skin is particularly dehydrated I always try to increase my water intake I do struggle in the cooler months but glad to read your diet with foods like avocado and cucumber also combat this I will be keeping that in mind.

  3. Just using Retreatment Botanics moisturizer and kakadu plum serum, love both! Looove packaging, so pretty.. Yes, all true what she said: water rich food like ALL raw fruit and all raw veg, no to caffeinated drinks and alcohol etc.

  4. Just using Retreatment Botanics moisturizer and kakadu plum serum, love both! Love packaging, so pretty. Yes, all true what she said: water rich food like ALL raw fruit and all raw veg, no to caffeinated drinks and alcohol etc.

  5. Dry skin can be tricky and tedious to take care of. The wrong skincare regime or products can lead to your skin drying out even more. Staying hydrated, limiting caffeine intake, and eating nutritious foods may help your skin retain water. Lucere Skin is the trusted source of skin care and dermatology services. They are offering skin treatments such as Acne scarring, skin tightening,redness solutions, tattoo removal, skin resurfacing etc.

  6. Fortunately I don’t and I attribute that to a good and regular nighttime skincare routine and I also drink lots of water and eat water bearing fruits and vegetables. What goes into your body is just as important, if not more important, that what you put on your body.

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