Dealing with distressed tresses

Dealing with distressed tresses

Q) After two very close pregnancies my body went into shock and my hair has become very thin – especially at the front (receding hairline). How can I achieve thicker hair without serious treatments?

– Katherine, QLD

A) Again it goes back to products and how you treat your hair. If your hair is thinning, stay away from bands, elastic bands – don’t put anything in the hair that is going to stressfully pull the hair back. Stay away from extensions and I know this is going to sound really ridiculous, but stay away from scarves; all these things put extra pressure on the hair.

Also, a lot of people aggressively brush their hair. So if you can, be gentle. Or buy a brush that is more inclined to be better for your hair. Most bristle brushes come in different textures, get the softest one.

In addition, make sure your scalp is healthy. Use good products to cleanse the scalp. I always explain to my clients that it’s all to do with the raw intake of food. Raw things such as raw vegetables are much better for you as you get the vitamins and minerals in a big way, rather than boiling the goodness out of them. Also, if your hair is naturally oily and it’s fine, try to stay away from hot water. Shampoo and rinse your hair with warm to cool water as it calms down the hair.

– Errol Douglas, hairdresserLooking for a hairdresser? Search Bh’s Salon and spa directory

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