Dannii Minogue’s Approach To Ageing Is The Message We All Need To Hear

Dannii Minogue’s Approach To Ageing Is The Message We All Need To Hear

Fresh off her 50th birthday, Danni Minogue has revealed a rare insight into her highly sought-after beauty routine. And as far as celebrity anti-ageing tips go, it’s one of the best there is. 

Coming as no surprise whatsoever, Dannii and sister Kylie Minogue both have a strong gene pool on their side. Speaking to The Sun, Dannii revealed that both her dad and grandmother Millie (who is about to celebrate her 102nd birthday) have always had incredible skin. 

In addition to the inherited glow, the usual suspects on any skin care recommendation list have also been playing a role. “It’s obviously down to the boring things that we know are good for you – sleep, exercise, drinking water,” she explained. 

But to balance the youthful, glowing genetics that Dannii has been blessed with (because we’ve got to keep it fair somehow), she’s also struggled with an ongoing stubborn skin condition. However, it’s one she’s managed to find an effective treatment for: “I have terrible rosacea so I have laser treatment for it. It makes the skin so smooth and glowing and helps with [stimulating] collagen,” Dannii shared.

And while the discovery of laser treatments have made a remarkable difference to the singer’s skin, there’s something else that’s made the greatest impact of all. 

Following the diagnosis of Kylie’s breast cancer in 2005, Dannii quickly found herself with a ‘real appreciation’ for life; one that left her viewing the ageing process in an entirely new light. 

“Growing old is a privilege,” she shared. “I realised that after going through Kylie being sick and not knowing if we were going to lose her”. 

And there it is, the reality check we all need when we’re worrying about wrinkles.

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  1. Love both Danni and Kylie -They are both so vibrant and sassy !! They are right too as being alive is a privilege and we should all make the most of ot and appreciate the best in others

  2. That’s exactly my outlook on ageing. I’m lucky that I’m fit and healthy and enjoying life. The fine lines and wrinkles are a reminder that I am one of the privileged.

  3. Dannii Minogue has a healthy view to ageing and her genetic heritage from her Grandparents her skin looks absolutely stunning, her big Sister Kylie Minogue as well both are genetic beauties. 🙂💐

  4. I have the same view on ageing & value feeling young at heart. With that said, I would be even more comfortable with getting older if I had her genes & looked as good, even at 43 😉

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