9 ways I’ve changed my routine since getting crow’s feet


As someone who’s a barrel of laughs a minute, and has no shame in finding my own jokes hilarious, it was only a matter of time before my crow’s feet moved in.

I’m not mad, getting older is great and I plan to fully embrace it. But boy, has it changed the way I do some things – particularly in my beauty routine. 

Because while I don’t hate my newfound eye wrinkles, I don’t have to love them either. So here’s everything I’m doing so we can continue to live harmoniously (until I blast the suckers with Botox – kidding… maybe.)

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#1 Toned down my concealer

Concealer and I are hardcore pals. I love that guy. But I’ve had to ease up on the amount I use under my eyes, because while great for the first five minutes, if there’s too much left sitting on the surface of my skin, it creeps right into my crow’s feet. These days I’m very restraint and use just enough to brighten the area, blending well as I go.  I also prefer a lighter, dewier texture now, so that I can blend it out again if it starts to creep during the day,  over a heavier matte that’s harder to budge.

Lately I’ve been using YSL Touche Éclat High Cover Pen  and BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector ($48, sephora.com.au), but I also love the more budget-friendly Rimmel London Match Me Concealer

#2 Embraced primer

I use primer pretty willy nilly, mostly when I have a big event on and need my oily forehead to play ball.  I’d previously only used it on my t-zone, so applying it to my crow’s feet is new to me, but in hindsight a no-brainer. After all, primer helps to smooth out the skin texture before makeup application and acts as a barrier so it won’t settle into creases.  

I’m still yet to find the Holy Grail of crow’s feet primers, but I’m partial to Hourglass’s No. 28 Primer Serum ($99, mecca.com.au) and I do find just making sure the area is moisturised in the morning helps too (but more on that later…).

#3 Switched to a silk pillowcase

I am not an attractive sleeper. Think stripper pole position, face smooshed down into my pillow with a gaping mouth. Hot. I tried a silk eye mask to protect my peepers from said face smooshing but that lasted about two minutes. I’ve found greater success swapping out the whole case and hope the smoother texture will be gentler on my delicate skin. 

#4 Trying and testing targeted eye treatments

I’m not above trying to find a miracle cure in a bottle. I probably should’ve been incorporating an eye treatment into my skin care routine ages ago, but hey, I was busy learning how to bake (my makeup, not cake). Taking the advice of Zoe Foster Blake (who doesn’t believe in eye creams) I’ve gone for more targeted treatments and potent serums, currently testing a retinol in the form of La Roche-Posay Redermic R Eyes at night.

As for my morning lover, well, let me introduce you to Ole Henricksen’s Banana Bright Eye Crème ($56, sephora.com). Not to brag, but we’ve been going steady for a few months now.  And yes, the product lasts that long (price = justified). Like I mentioned earlier, I find simply hydrating the area helps my makeup to sit better and prevents it from emphasising lines. The texture of this cream is so dreamy, it sinks in beautifully leaving a dewy, bright sheen behind and instantly plumping my eye so it doesn’t look like I laid on a squished face all night. 10/10. 

#5 Sunglasses, always

I’ve taken to listening to ‘I wear my sunglasses at night’ by Corey Hart daily, so that it gets in my head and I always remember to pick mine up. I’ll never stop laughing, but consider squinting cancelled. 

#6 Less liner

There’s not much in this world I love more than a crisp, beautifully crafted winged eyeliner. But I will admit, it can emphasise my crow’s. After all, creating a black line at the centre of the problem is like lighting up a neon sign saying ‘WE GOT HER BOYS, COME SEE HER WINKLES’. So while I’ll continue to rock a wing whenever I damn well want, my everyday routine has shifted to a simple tightline or no liner at all. I’m currently obsessed with Benefit’s Roller Liner (the precision is incredibly satisfying) and am a longtime fan of Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner.

#7 Bolder blush

The older I get, the more I’ve realised how bloody great blush is. Especially cream ones. What does this have to do with crow’s feet you ask? Well, I find that by having a stronger pop of colour on my apples draws the eye to my fresh skin, rather than my laugh lines. Oh the trickery. 

I’ve already hit the pan of my Stila Covertible Colour in ‘Lilium’ ($38, mecca.com.au) and plan on trying Nudestix Nudies in ‘Sunset Strip’ ($52, sephora.com.au) for summer. 

#8 Careful highlighting

As I’ve horrifically learnt, applying highlighter too close to my crow’s can have severe consequences. If you think foundation settling there is bad, how do you think a high shimmer powder fares!? Rather than strobing in the half-moon shape that’s grown in popularity, I’m a lot more careful and keep it more concentrated to the tops of the cheek bones.

I quite like the new Bondi Sands GloLights (a little goes a long way) and BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter in ‘Opal’ ($62, sephora.com.au)  – my favourite liquid of all time. 

#9 Extra-gentle makeup removal

Do I drag my eye area incessantly when removing eye makeup? Guilty. This is a bad habit I’m trying to break, but when all I want to do is collapse into bed, it’s hard to take the time to do it gently and lovingly. I’ve taken to soaking cotton pads in Garnier Micellar Water and resting them on my eyes for a few minutes to break down the mascara before wiping. It definitely helps. And when I’m being really good, I’ll run a sink,  grab a muslin cloth and use Clinique Take The Day Of Cleansing Balm, which melts away all makeup beautifully – but just has the extra faff of rinsing (as soon as I typed that I realised how lazy it sounds, I’ll try to be better). 

Do you have any great tips for dealing with crow’s feet?

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  1. I live in sunglasses!I feel like they’ve made a huge difference to my crow’s feet compared to other ladies my age. Well, at least I think so.

    Like you, I have a very expressive face and laugh a little too hard at times. I’m terrified of my wrinkles being highlighted in the past due to the products I’ve used, so thanks for the advice on these ones!

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