Courteney Cox Has Just Launched A Range Of “Beauty Products For The Home”

Courteney Cox Has Just Launched A Range Of “Beauty Products For The Home”

Do the dishes in your sink deserve the same quality of ingredients as you’d put on your face? Courteney Cox thinks so. Combining her love of skin care, fragrance and interior design, the Friends actress has announced the launch of her beauty-meets-cleaning-meets-home care line, Homecourt.

Following the last few years spent primarily at home, Courteney began to crave cleaning products that smelt of anything but bleach, quickly noticing the void in the luxe home care category. “You find yourself at home so much now that I was like, ‘Why not make your home as important as you would yourself, your body, your face?” the actress revealed to People. “So we decided to create a room spray, which is coming out later, a counter spray, dish soap, hand soap and hand lotion.”

Homecourt’s dishwashing liquid has been dermatologically tested and is formulated with glycerin, argan oil, and Australian hibiscus flower extract to moisturise and hydrate dry skin, leaving your skin and dishes sparkling. Makes sense, right?

The signature scent, Cece, is inspired by Courteney’s personal fragrance of white leather, cardamom, smoke and cinnamon. “It’s literally the oils I wear as perfume.” 

But the fun doesn’t stop at the fragrance, the 100 per cent recyclable packaging is so chic it’s worthy of a spot in your next #shelfie. We imagine that’s a fairly refreshing change from the dish soap and bench spray you’re currently using.

So how do we get our hands on some? While Homecourt are currently only offering shipping within the United States, the brand’s website expresses it hopes to expand internationally soon. So stay tuned…

Main image credit: @courteneycoxofficial

We can’t wait to try Homecourt! Are you interested in trying these luxe home care products?

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  1. Courtney’s signature scent includes Smoke. What does that smell like. It is the thing that’s burning that you smell like wood, paper, etc.
    I am unsure why Australian hibiscus flower extract when hibiscus are native to Hawaii.

  2. When I first saw the title I thought, “oh yet another celebrity beauty product or perfume”, but happy to see that it’s not. The packaging looks stylish and the scents sound amazing.

  3. I don’t have a problem with plain old lemon fragranced cleaning products – they’re a WHOLE lot cheaper! I burn candles or incense for home fragrance.

    As for dishes, I always wear gloves, so I don’t need skincare ingredients in my detergent.

  4. I thought I’d read this article and say my usual – I can’t afford these probably expensive celeb projects but this one intrigues me. If it’s not stupidly expensive, I’d love to try it out.

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