The $5 pimple patch that’s selling like hot cakes on Aussie Amazon


Gone are the days of spot treating pimples with toothpaste. There’s a whole new range of blemish-busting products on the market that will give raised, pussy and red spots the boot, all while being kind to the skin.

You’ve probably seen us rave about pimple patches on beautyheaven before. They’re the best thing since sliced bread in our opinion  — or at least the best thing since its sister, the cold sore patch.

But you know what we love more than a beauty invention? A bargain buy. And how does nixing the next unwelcome skin guest for just $5 sound?

Yep, the price is right and the reviews are even better. We’re talking about the packet of COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches that are only $4.80 on Amazon Australia. And you want to know how many you get? 24! If you’re only prone to the odd pimple, that’ll last you a long time. 

The patches themselves are made of a discreet wound-healing material called hydrocolloid and come in three sizes to tackle any small or large skin emergency. According to the website, hydrocolloids “maintain the ideal level of moisture in the acne area and help the acne recovery process.”

“As acne flattens effectively overnight, you can also see the patch turning white the next morning.” 

Sounds glorious if you ask us, but we’re yet to get our hands on the Korean Beauty, price-friendly phenomenon. So, being us, we hounded the reviews instead.

One happy customer wrote, “I have occasional small pimples before and during my periods. This product is great for overnight use to protect and heal the pimples. The patch would become white while the pimple has halved in size. I never need to use more than 2 patches for one single pimple. In most cases, one treatment is adequate.”

While another had this useful advice: “These patches are great! I did find that they won’t do anything if the pimple isn’t open or popped already. If it’s a deep, cystic pimple, don’t even bother with it cause it’ll be a waste. But if it’s there’s a spot for all the yucky stuff to come out, it will suck it all out and in the morning it’ll be on the patch and not in your skin!”

Sounds incredibly satisfying for a small price to pay if you ask us.

Main image credit: COSRX

Have you ever tried a pimple patch? Do you think this $5 buy sounds too good to be true?

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  1. I’ll be interested when I can get them elsewhere. Too bad about not working on cystic pimples, they are the worst ones and takes to longest amount of time to heal.

  2. I don’t shop on amazon. But for odd breakout I just exfoliate well (acid and physical based), at times, after, slather clay mask on (if breakout is a bit out there), apply retinol and acid overnight. Gone by morning.

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  4. II don’t use pimple patches but I love COSRX – they make excellent skin care. Have used their BHA power liquid, Galactomyces essence, Aloe soothing sun cream to name a few. If you don’t mind waiting, Roseroseshop based in South Korea currently has free shipping on all COSRX products and their prices are generally better than buying from AU resellers including Amazon.

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