100 Things To Do While In Self-Isolation


As we all get used to the new normal of staying at home and keeping a social distance to stop the spread of coronavirus (aka COVID-19) – we thought we’d do our part to help encourage the indoor fun.  

So if you’re worried you’ll run out of things to do or become bored, bookmark this page and you’ll always have 100 self-isolation activities at your fingertips…

1. Clean your makeup brushes

2. Organise your entire makeup collection with these DIY makeup storage ideas

3. Give yourself a salon quality manicure at home (and make it trendy with these autumn nail colours)

4. Or finally try your hand at some nail art designs

5. Watch ‘The Stranger’ on Netflix (a British mystery thriller worthy of bingeing)

6. Treat yourself to a long, luxurious bath. bh recommends: Gernétic Bath Salts and Buckley & Phillips Happiness Artisan Candle

7. And hey, shave your legs while you’re at it. You may not be going anywhere, but the smooth feeling is still satisfying. bh recommends: TriShave 3in1 Shave Crème For Women and Schick Hydro Silk

8. In fact, now is also a great time to consider longer-term treatments such as IPL. The SmoothSkin Bare Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal Device is still available for delivery!

9. If you really must watch a pandemic movie, make it one of these

10. Missing live music? Watch Harry Styles’ Tiny Desk Concert (or dive through the archives for the likes of Lizzo and Coldplay)

11.  Get a little silly and learn some Tik Tok dances

12. Bake a cake

13. Bake some cookies

14. Bake a pie

15. Bake some sausage rolls (anxiety baking is a thing ok?!)

16. Try an at-home peel. If any redness occurs, you’ll have plenty of down time to recover. bh recommends: Nimue Glyco Mask and Dr. LeWinn’s Reversaderm Corrective Skin Peel

17. Introduce retinol into your routine

18. Treat your eye area to some much needed lovin’. bh recommends: Elucent Anti Ageing Eye CreamUSANA Celavive® Hydrating Eye Essence and Skin Republic Brightening Eye Mask

19. And while taking a look at your skin care, toss any expired beauty products

20. Do a puzzle

21. Read the entire Harry Potter series (again)

22. Paint

23. Try a colouring in book

24. Write a letter to a loved one

25. Give yourself a hair makeover using a DIY colour. bh recommends: Garnier Olia andL’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss

26.  Or go back to your natural roots with the help of Colourless Max Effect

27. Then, with your at-home salon up and running, turn your talents to any unsuspecting males in the house… bh recommends: Restoria Express Men

28.  Dust off your old copy of ‘The Sims’ computer game and re-live the glory days 

29. Or embrace your modern day gamer with the self-isolation video games everyone’s raving about

30. Host a pub quiz for your friends on the House Party app.

31. Host a ‘murder mystery’ evening for your friends on the House Party app.

32. Break out ‘Monopoly’. You might actually finish a game of it for once

33. Make playdough for the kids

34. Make your own bath bombs

35. Make an avocado face mask

36. Commit to a daily cleansing brush routine and reap the rewards. bh recommends: LUMISKIN™ Ava 2 in 1 Sonic Beauty Device

37. And every once and a while, go all the way with an at-home facial

38. Watch your favourite beauty vloggers on Youtube

39. Donate or sell the clothes you no longer wear

40. Colour co-ordinate or seasonally organise your wardrobe 

41. Wash your doona covers (because let’s be real, we never do it)

42. Let your eyebrow hairs grow out and then use our brow shaping guide to finally get the style you want

43. Tint your brows at home

44. And tint your lashes while you’re at it

45. Make your own perfume

46. Write product reviews on beautyheaven!

47. Exfoliate your body from top-to-toe. bh recommends:UpCircle Body Scrub Coffee & Peppermint and Essano Coconut Oil Invigorating Body Scrub

48. Then slather on a beautifully scented body lotion or oil

49.  Or coax someone into giving you a full body massage. bh recommends: Sensuva Me And You Massage Oil

50. Perform some self care for your downstairs. bh recommends: Svakom Alice and pjur Woman

51. Wake up early and watch the sun rise  (cathartic AND less to no people around)

52. Go for a run, walk or hike somewhere quiet

53. Try an at-home fitness routine using a workout app

54. Learn how to meditate

55. Teach yourself the top 10 yoga poses for beginners

56. Fix your broken makeup

57. Indulge in an at-home hair treatment

58. Wean yourself off everyday hair washing (because FYI it’s bad)

59. Try out some new hairstyles for autumn

60. Learn how to use a curling wand

61. Wipe down all your kitchen cupboards, inside and out

62. Re-arrange the living room

63. Give your indoor plants a shower

64. Clean your window blinds

65. Adopt a puppy

66. Train puppy

67. Teach puppy tricks

68. Watch ‘Scrubs’

69. Learn all the lyrics to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

70. Give yourself a foot peel and then watch in equal measures of horror and delight as you shed an entire layer. bh recommends: Milky Foot

71. Or just stick to a regular DIY pedicure

72. Try whitening your teeth at home

73. Make the switch to natural deodorant (it takes a bit to get used to…)

74. Sort through all the photos in your phone and delete all the unnecessary screenshots

75. Have your favourite photos printed and put into frames or albums

76. Commission a local illustrator/artist to draw your pet (to be gifted later…)

77. Learn how to nail winged eyeliner for your eye shape

78. Or try out these seven smokey eye techniques

79. Master the art of applying false lashes

80. Or try your luck with a lash and brow serum

81. Have a giggle at some 2020/2021 memes – the last year has been a lot

82. Write down your goals for the rest of the year (because it’s not too late and there is light at the end of the tunnel)

83. Plan your travel for 2022

84. Have a backyard picnic 

85. Try out dermal rolling

86. Or jade rolling

87. OR learn how to use a gua sha. bh recommends: Samson & Charlie Rose Quartz Gua Sha 

88. Teach yourself to knit

89. Learn how to sew (buttons totally count)

90. Learn how to fold like Marie Kondo

91. Then use your new skill to reorganise your drawers

92. Take on the tupperware drawer. Anything without a lid, goes

93. Make your own flower crown

94. Or create your own Easter eggs

95. Practice some date night makeup looks 

96. Or go on a virtual date (because IT IS possible to date during coronavirus, you just have to adapt a little…)

97. Try out the scalp brushes everyone is raving about

98. Get your Dr Pimple Popper on with the best blackhead banishing products

99. Or simply leave your skin alone because ‘skin fasting‘ might solve all your problems

100. And lastly, every time you miss something, write it down. This will then become your bucket list for when coronavirus is over. We’ll get there. 

Main image: @kaiagerber

Which of these suggestions is your favourite? How are you passing the time while social distancing?

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  1. Haha, well I am someone that is usually out and about on the weekends, so it’s a lot of down time that I am not used to having and I get bored easily, so this keeps me entertained/busy so, I don’t get so stir crazy 🙂

    Nothing wrong with netflix, I still do my fair share of that too!

    Ooh french, lovely, Bonjor mon ami xx

  2. As difficult as this year has been it’s been a blessing as well. It’s made me reassess priorities, get back into my fitness mojo, dedicate more time on self care and use up products that I have instead of buying more, spend more quality time with family (sometimes too much), I’ve painted some old furniture, tried some new crafts, baked, read lots of books particularly self improvement books and reduced my time on social media and limit the news I watch.

  3. I have had Netflix since September, I was wondering if you have any shows that you really enjoyed and if you do would share them with me please. I liked the Queens gambit.

  4. It is odd that healthy people are isolating here in Sydney now. I mean if you are fluey, natural course of action is rest and have some fresh fruit and teas (or even fast on water when person has nausea) until well at home. Worked for centuries. This now is going overboard.

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