Top 3 skin care routine regrets

Top 3 skin care routine regrets

It’s been said that we should never regret anything we’ve done, because at one point in time, it was exactly what we wanted do. And I wholeheartedly agree. Well, almost.

When it comes to skin care regrets, your not-so-angelic actions can come back to haunt you. What you did in the past – or didn’t do, rather – can leave you with dull, lacklustre skin before your time. So, it’s time to stop committing these common beauty crimes today…


Regret #1: not washing your face twice a day

The result: your skin is likely to be a little bumpy, a little congested, and a little dull. This is because all the dirt, grime and pollution – as well as your make-up – aren’t being thoroughly removed.

How to fix it: grab a cleanser that’s suited to your skin type (Boots Laboratories Optiva Skin Balancing Cleanser is a great all-rounder), and starting cleansing morning and night, each and every single day. Your make-up will sit better on your skin if you do, and skin care products will work better, too.

Regret #2: not using an eye cream

The result: you’ve got lines and wrinkles years before your time, and the delicate skin around your eyes tends to look a little crepey.

How to fix it: buy an eye cream, stat. It doesn’t matter how old – or young – you are, now is the time to start using one. The trick is to select one that’s perfect for your age group and skin concerns. If you’re in your 20s, try Boots Laboratories Optiva Radiance Boost Eye Balm. It’ll brighten your eye area, while also leaving it soft and supple. If you’re in your 30s, tackle fine lines and dark circles with Boots Laboratories Serum7 Fine Lines Eye Cream. And if you’re 40+, Boots Laboratories Serum7 LIFT Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream will aim to minimise the wrinkles you’re already sporting, while also lifting and firming the delicate skin in the area.

Regret #3: not reaping the anti-ageing benefits of a serum

The result: your skin is possibly more dehydrated, more lined and a whole lot less radiant than it should be.

How to fix it: apply a serum each morning and night that targets your skin care concerns. No buts. Serums are formulated to seep deep into your skin cells, allowing them to make a great difference to your complexion. We suggest you tackle the first signs of ageing such as fine lines with Boots Laboratories Serum7 Beauty Serum, and deeper wrinkles with Boots Laboratories Serum7 LIFT Deep Wrinkle Repair Serum.

Do you have any skin care routine regrets? What products have you discovered later in life that you wish you’d been using for years?

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