Your beauty insecurities, solved!

Your beauty insecurities, solved!

When you’re feeling insecure about yourself, it shows. Body confidence is a huge issue and as women, we tend to get a tad obsessed about our appearance. We’re all guilty of feeling blue at one time or another about how we look, and that’s completely normal – until it starts getting in the way of us enjoying our lives. The important thing to remember is that pobody’s nerfect – I mean, nobody’s perfect (see!), so don’t sweat the small stuff. 

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Here’s how to overcome 8 everyday beauty insecurities, because we have MUCH better things to do than worry and wallow: 

For your itty-bitty nails…

Chronic biter? Tell me about it. I’m so bad, I was biting them before birth! Thanks to my bad habit, long nails are but a sweet, sweet dream. And guys? Let me tell you something: as a beauty editor, it suuuucks being a biter. My advice? Fake it!

bh recommends: Glamnails Glue-On Nails Pack
If you’re in the same unfortunate boat as I and want to add length to your bitten ends, try artificial nails in a natural finish. A few days without access to your nail beds might even curb your nibbling!

bh recommends:Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment
For those of you with dry, brittle nails, get ready to have your prayers answered. In as little as just three short days (!!!) those not-so-ladylike nails of yours will start looking shinier, stronger and brighter. We sent this miracle worker out to some of our bh members, and they reckon it’s the bee’s knees.

For your thinning hair…

How wretched is wispy, lank, hair? Styling attempts are futile, and Blake Lively’s mane is a personal affront to your flat hair situation. If only there were a way to increase the volume of your hair…

bh recommends: L’Oréal ELVIVE Fibralogy Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum
Would you look at that – there is! Formulated with filloxane to help thicken the hair fibre from within with each wash, bouncy, voluminous hair is a few showers away!

For your hooded eyelids…

If you’re sporting a pair of hooded lids, don’t stress – we’ve got you covered. With an extra layer of skin over the crease, hooded eyelids cause the eye to appear smaller. Anyone blessed with a pair will know the pain of attempting eyeshadow, but not for long….

bh recommends: WONDERSTRIPES
These, er, wonder stripes work to correct the shape of your eyes. Apply the transparent tape to the crease of the eyelid and cue brighter, wider eyes!

For your wobbly bits…

Ahh, the battle of the bulge. Despite what Bridget Jones says, these undies are not just reserved for the elderly. In fact, they frequently make their way from the drawer and onto my body when I’m feeling a little porky (which is weekly). Nothing gives me more confidence than a pair of sucker-inner-ers, and there’s no shame in that!

bh recommends: Bendon Seamfree High Waisted Brief,
Say buh-bye to bulging bits with figure-hugging briefs that suck you in in all the right places. I’ve literally never looked so good (if I say so myself).

For your smelly feet…

Too embarrassed to take off your shoes at your boyfriend’s place? You’re not alone. Stinky feet (or bromhidrosis) usually occurs when foot sweat is unable to evaporate because you’re wearing shoes or socks. Cure the smell with special foot odour insoles, and have the confidence to leave your shoes at the door!

bh recommends: Footcare Odour Stop Everyday Insoles
For feet that absorb perspiration, get yourself a pair of these babies. With an anti-bacterial Ultra-Fresh™ formula that kills odour-causing bacteria, they’re also perforated to allow for airflow.

bh recommends:Avon Footworks Odour Neutralising Foot Spray
To instantly refresh feet and shoes, spritz this spray. Its patented odour-destroying technology helps to eliminate existing odour and prevents it from forming further.

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For your discoloured teeth…

It’s hard to give your best grin if you’re worried about stained teeth. Pearly whites are a big confidence booster, so now’s the time to start working on improving that mega-watt smile!

bh recommends: Paula’s Choice Brighten Up 2-Minute Teeth Whitener
Ideal for the girl on the go, this portable whitener eliminates stains almost instantly (sign me up). The balm-like formula contains a highly effective whitening ingredient that blocks sensitivity. Go on, flash those sparklers.

bh recommends:Oral B 3D White Luxe Booster Kit
To amp up your whitening efforts, try this at-home whitening kit. Containing 6 whitening strips and LUXE Pro-Flex Toothbrush, whiter chompers will be yours in no time.

For your sparse brows…

When your brow game ain’t strong, vulnerability kicks in. Sadly, we can’t all be born blessed with badass brows a la Cara Delevingne, and thanks to the 90s, some of us may have overindulged in plucking one too many hairs in our time.

bh recommends:Elizabeth Arden Prevage® Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum
Clinically proven to make your brows fuller and healthier, it’s the holy grail of brow-saving serums. Get this in your beauty arsenal, now.

For dandruff sufferers…

If you’ve got a case of the flakes, wearing black clothing is a no-go, as is heading to the salon and going on a date with the guy you like, making up any old excuse just to stay in hiding! Cheer up buttercup, all hope is not lost. You just need to treat the problem – and it’s pretty easy!

bh recommends:Head & Shoulders Clean and Balanced Shampoo
With a pH balance that is gentle enough for everyday use but strong enough to wash dandruff away, your knight in shining armour awaits.

bh recommends:Klorane Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Nasturtium Extract
Glossy, shiny strands are just a wash away with this dandruff-killing shampoo. Self-consciousness is a thing of the past!

Do you have any of these beauty insecurities?

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