Colourless Max Effect Trial Team

Colourless Max Effect Trial Team


10 reviewers who colour their hair at home on a regular basis and want to rid their tresses of the colour build up in order to go lighter.

Note: This product is not ideal for those who use fashion colours (pinks/blues/greens) as they react differently.

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beautyheaven says:

Colourless Max Effect is a permanent hair colour remover, that can be used to remove colour build before re-colouring the hair, fixing a colour mistake, or a way to remove dark colours from the hair without bleaching it.

The first impression of almost every member was how easy the process was to follow. When comparing to other colour-stripping products, many noted that this one had the least offensive smell, as it doesn’t contain ammonia or bleach. They also found this product the least-drying to the hair in comparison to competitor products.

Majority commented on how effective the product was in removing colour from their hair. However, it was noted that results do vary depending on the level of build-up in the hair. It won’t neccessarily remove all permanent colour on the first attempt and there may be need a second application.

Most users had success in bringing their hair back to its original colour, and commented on how soft and healthy it felt afterward.

Stats are based on a survey of 10 beautyheaven Trial Team members.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Colourless for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

Note: The Colourless Team is available via their Facebook page to assist you with your colour journey and to help you get the results you are after. Find them here – Colourless Facebook. 

You say:

“I can confirm that I’ve tried every colour stripper available from the drugstore/chemist an nothing compares to this one !!! I cannot recommend this product enough if you want to change your hair colour without the bleach.” chloetheweirdo, Read more here…

“Colorless Max is making it easier for everyone by having this product. If you’re not happy with the current color hair you have, you should try it. It removes almost all the color I have prior to and leave my hair color back to original color. I think they can do a little bit better, maybe to make the formula a bit stronger since only 70% off color was washed out and I might need 2nd bottle since I have a long hair.” A.y.a72Read more here…“My overall opinion is the product will suit colour toners and non permanent dye. I have a Permanent colour and it didn’t work for me.The product is easy to use and apply. I love the fact there is no ammonia.” KylieralstonRead more here…“I’d tried many hair colour strippers before, most leaving my hair dry and the same colour. This is the first product to actually get my hair back to its natural colour as possible. I went from black hair to a nice darkish brown and I was so surprised how well it worked. A bonus is that it didn’t dry my scalp or ruin my fine hair like almost all the other drugstore ones had done in the past.” Pigeonof,  Read more here…“Colourless max effect was perfect to wash out those pesky old hair dye and make my hair appear as one colour, mimicking a healthier softer hair. The instructions were clear to follow, the product was easy to use and certainly not difficult to wash off. After my hair dried and I observed my hair in the natural light I would have to say it is as if I have not dyed my hair! I see no residual hair dye and it certainly looks like the rest of my natural hair colour!” Annyex, Read more here…

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  1. Great reviews ladies, but not a product I’d use. I use a semi permanent colour to cover my grey hairs, so it’s mostly washed out before I get around to reapplying it.

  2. Has anyone gone from very dark brown to grey using this product?

    I want to go grey now, but don’t want to wait years, I love the length of my hair,

    if anyone has suggestions or tips. please let me know.

  3. Something I’ve been thinking of trying for a while now. I have so much colour build up and always DIY colour…..but with all the colour build up I don’t have much choice in colours…I can only stay dark.

  4. Spam has always been a massive issue on the Beautyheaven website. It is probably just one spammer (choosing different usernames) doing a cut and paste of spam on all of the recent articles.

  5. I have needed to remove a colour from my hair that was from a salon so it ended up costing about 3 times a normal salon colour and the other time was from a TAFE training class and that was a worse experience than the salon one. Now I just do it at home and no problems. My hair needed stripping several times to remove the disaster gutter grey/green colour from my blond locks.

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