Men, men, men

Men, men, men

Now that I’ve got you all humming the Two and a Half Men tune, let me begin. I want to tell you about a little gem that hit shelves yesterday for the guys in our lives. (Because we all know, as much as they play the innocent, they care a lot more about their skin than they’d care to admit over a cold one with the boys.) Clinique Skin Supplies For Men Anti-Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel (still with me?) hit shelves yesterday and might I suggest you snap it up for your man. The lightweight gel has a stellar, four-pronged attack against pesky blemishes: exfoliation, oil-control, blemish-control and anti-irritation. Impressive, eh? Want to hear more? Okay.

As well as wunderkind ingredient salicylic acid (which busts apart dead skin cells and breakouts), Anti-Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel contains witch hazel water (a natural purifier that helps to clamp down on that extra shine: very handy as guys are oilier than us ladies) and sea whip extract, a marine-based extract that reduces the appearance of redness and that annoying irritation feel.

Jealous, us? Not half! I suppose we can immerse ourselves in the fact that our guys will have gorgeous, glowing skin, and, more importantly, they should now keep their pesky mitts off of our stuff!

How interested are your guy friends in skincare?

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