Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Seal-to-Clear Gel Trial Team

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Seal-to-Clear Gel Trial Team

You know how sometimes when you know you shouldn’t do something, you can’t help but do it anyway? Like when you know you shouldn’t eat an entire pack of Tim Tams in one sitting but you just can’t help yourself? Or when every inch of you is screaming out to stay away from that undeniably hot ‘bad boy’, but you just can’t resist? Well, it’s kinda the same when it comes to pimples. You know you shouldn’t touch them, but when they’re there on your face you just can’t help it.

Which is exactly why you need to make Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Seal-to-Clear Gel your new best friend whenever you have a breakout. The gel uses InvisaSkin technology to form an invisible seal on your pimple that lasts for up to seven hours and helps to protect your pimple from the bacteria on your hands. The seal also contains salicylic acid to simultaneously treat the pimple, shortening its lifespan and leaving you with clearer skin more quickly!

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video above and read the reviews below to find out what our Trial Team thought of their road-test of Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Seal-to-Clear Gel

“I’ve tried other pimple spot clearing gels but they seriously dont work…..UNTIL NOW! I am so pleased with’s like putting a clear band-aid on your pimple, lets it heal and stay clean and within the next day you’ll see the redness go away and it slowly heals. I love this product and give it 5/5.” – Rola93

“I always touch my face, so this product is a life saver for spreading new germs and making original pimples worse. My boyfriend and myself tried it. Was so easy to apply…” – Missymia88

“The product is clear and is a fantastic barrier for protecting your skin once you have a pimple and allowing it to clear. I found that it helped reduce the redness from my pimples once I was naughty and attacked them as well as helping to clear away them.” – Minn880

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Do you touch your pimples when you have them? What else do you do that you know you shouldn’t be doing?

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