Your skin is assaulted by a variety of aggressors on a daily basis, so if you want to keep your complexion looking clear and radiant it’s up to you to protect it. 

you, me and everybody is a skin care brand that will not only defend your skin against harsh environmental aggressors and protect it against future damage, but it’ll do so without the use of any nasties or a hefty price tag, too – bonus!

Our Trial Team were lucky enough to road-test the you, me and everybody Bodhi Me Cream Cleanser and Bodhi Me Facial Scrub, which both contain a supremely nourishing blend of safflower and sesame seed oils, as well as vitamin E to ensure that your skin stays hydrated (and therefore younger looking!) while giving it the deep-clean it needs.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read the reviews below to find out what our Trial Team thought of their road-test of you, me and everybody Bodhi Me Cream Cleanser and Bodhi Me Facial Scrub…

you, me and everybody Bodhi Me Cream Cleanser

“I was pleasantly surprised to find my face felt clean but moisturised rather than dried out like some cleansers do.” - mollygirl

“The benefits in this cleanser are so impressive from the beautiful list of ingredients to the fact that it’s free from everything nasty. The packaging is simple and natural - carefree looking really.” - Gofton


you, me and everybody you, me and everybody Bodhi Me Facial Scrub

“The product has a fluid like consistency with a light exfoliated granule throughout the lotion made from the walnut shell. It's very gentle on the skin without feeling scratchy and it helps to smooth dull dry skin patches leaving your skin to feel smoother.” – Beauty Obsession

“I've steered clear of scrubs in the past due to sensitive skin. But after trying this Bodhi Me facial scrub, I’m hooked. It didn't rip skin from my face, leave my skin irritated from red patches or dry.” - Belleful


What do you look for in a skin cleansing regime?