The product: Clearasil Daily Clear Oil-Free Daily Gel Wash

They say: “Daily Clear Oil Free Daily Gel Wash is scientifically formulated with a purifying action to remove dirt, oil and pimple causing bacteria, which leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. It is oil free which is great for oily skin and doesn’t over dry so it is gentle enough to use twice a day!”

We say: If your skin is normal/combination, and you suffer from the occasional breakout or afternoon oil slick, then this could be the cleanser for you. As with all cleansers, don’t forget to moisturise after use to ensure your skin stays well hydrated.

You say: “I really like this gel cleanser and found that it doesn’t strip my skin like some do and it’s super gentle and seems to help out with some of the small stubborn blemishes!” – Jynxx8

“Overall, a great product and definitely one I will consider buying again. Certainly not one that should be only for teenagers!” - kellettj

“I think it would be perfect for the younger/ oily skin user, as long as you remember to moisturiser after.” – ray_jay

“If you have oily skin, this may well be your perfect match. I've used this previously, it managed to clear up my skin in summer when it’s a little bit oilier.” – beautifulnightmarex

“…this new face wash is quite gentle. It smells amazing…I found that my skin had less breakouts (and it was that time of the month during the trial too!)” – Nixxiola

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