Ladies, be Australian, have clean skin

Ladies, be Australian, have clean skin

Sunday marks National Clean Up Australia Day and I’m taking a slightly liberal approach to its meaning. Of course, I’m not taking a blithe, completely un-socially aware approach; I always recycle and put rubbish in the bin (I abhor litterbugs). But I also think it’s as good a time as any to come clean about your skincare routine too.

A quick survey of my friends shocked me into realising that not everyone uses the basic staple of a cleanser. I was speechless. Granted, I love beauty more than most, but with some truly excellent cleansers out there across all skin types and price points it seems like an alien concept to me not to care for your skin? So I wanted to share some of my favourite ones in a bid to encourage one and all to embrace the cleanser. (Don’t worry I will step down from my soapbox once share time is over.)

Decleor Paris Cleansing Milk Face & Eyes – my first love. This ultra-light cleanser has a milky texture and feels absolutely gorgeous on the skin. It decongests, soothes and removes all traces of make-up and the lavender essential oil makes its scent swoon-worthy.

Melli Cosmetics Deep Cleanser – this waterproof-busting cleanser is perfect to dissolve stubborn make-up and unblock pores. The result? Soft, smooth and natural skin.

Aapri Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser – the natural apricot extracts gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin of impurities and dead skin cells. An excellent way to double up on duties and all for a bargain price. Yes, it comes in under $10.

Endota Spa Fig ‘n Sugar Cleanser – this gentle cleanser is great for all skin types. Fig is great for softening skin and improving circulation and the pure Australian sugar cane is a natural source of AHA’s.

Dove Pro.age Foaming Facial Cleanser – this foaming cleanser gently cleanses skin while optimising surface cell turnover. It contains olive oil, which provides nourishment for thirsty, dehydrated skin.

So come clean, what cleansers have rocked your world too? It’s always good to hear from ladies in the know.

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