Clay Masks Can Be Just As Good For Dry Skin – Here’s How To Use Them


If you thought having dry or mature skin meant clay masks weren’t for you, allow us to change your mind.

Clay masks are detoxifying and oil-absorbing, sure, but they can also be great for getting your glow on too.

The trick is knowing which formula to pick and how to incorporate it into your routine.

So we spoke to The Parlour Room’s Natalie Ferrari to discover what dry and mature skin types should know about using clay masks.

Kaolin clay is great for dry and mature skin

Let’s start with the type of clay to look for. When it comes to clay masks for dry and mature skin, Natalie recommends ones formulated with kaolin clay.

“[It] is a really beautiful, gentle clay with a neutral pH which makes it great for mature skin without stripping the barrier,” she says. “Kaolin clay works to remove toxins and impurities via the process of anion exchange, which essentially works to attract and then bind to the toxins so they’re able to easily wash away.”

Cream formulas will help with hydration

To counteract the dryness one might traditionally feel after a detoxifying clay mask, Natalie suggests opting for cream clay mask formulas, like the ones by Minenssey. 

“Minenssey Cream Clay masks are infused with potent botanical extracts, using clay as a component of the formula, rather than the sole ingredient,” she says. “[So] it’ll leave your skin feeling really hydrated and nourishing as opposed to stripped and dehydrated, giving you that really beautiful luminous texture.”

There are options for brightening, rejuvenating and deep cleansing depending on your skin needs, but bh personally loves the Minenssey Hydrating Mask ($69 at Adore Beauty) for thirsty skin.

Our members also love the Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask ($31.95 at and QV Face Purifying Mask ($12.99 at Chemist Warehouse).

Keep clay masking as a weekly or fortnightly treat

How often you should be using a clay mask will differ for everyone, but there are some general rules of thumb you can use as a starting point if you have dry and/or mature skin.

Typically speaking, anything hydrating can be done on an as-needed basis,” says Natalie. “But if you’re wanting to draw out impurities, I generally like to do this every 1-2 weeks so I’m not stripping my barrier.” 

And remember, you can always multi-mask to suit the concerns of different areas on your face too. Combination skin types, you’re up.

Do you use a clay mask? Do you have a favourite you’d recommend?

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  1. My Skin isn’t dry on my face it is Combination but I do have dry areas on my body. Like Clay Masks because they are so very deep cleansing, your Skin feels so nice and clean after using a Clay Mask especially these days when many of them are botanical with there ingredients.

  2. I love clay masks because they make my skin glow. I use the Minenssey and the QV, and I also like Generation Clay Brightening Purple Mask. I also have two favourite pink clay masks.

  3. Good to hear that I like clay mask but I have dry skin so not sure to use them but now I know that I can use them fortnightly or weekly. Trilogy mineral mask sounds a good option for me.

  4. I get good results from clay masks, I find them great for when I’ve had a breakout as it helps the reduce the redness. They are lovely in the warmer months if you keep the mask in the fridge, so cool and soothing!

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