Cher Swears By This $14 Cleanser For Sensitive Skin

Cher Swears By This $14 Cleanser For Sensitive Skin

If there’s one celebrity you would assume spares no expense when it comes to maintaining their youthful appearance, it would be Cher. Following her recent admission that she’ll never stop colouring her hair and let the grey show through, you’d be right to assume this. But as it turns out, Cher is no stranger to a drugstore bargain.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Times’ Style, Cher gave a brief but nonetheless fascinating insight into her cleansing routine. 

And while following the singer’s hair-colouring routine is likely going to cost you a few hundred dollars every few weeks for, well, the rest of your life, you can breathe easy knowing that her go-to cleanser is only going to set you back $14.

Talking all things skin care, Cher revealed: “I use [the] Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser on my face because it’s for sensitive skin and I love it.”  Aveeno’s gentle, hypoallergenic formula (which can be purchased on iHerb), includes Calming Feverfew®, a relative of the popular soothing-ingredient, chamomile. 

Cher’s cleanser (which we believe they should swiftly rebrand to) claims to visibly reduce the look of redness, calm irritated skin and remove makeup, dirt and oil. All without stripping or overdrying the skin.

So, does it wipe 30 years off everyone’s face or just Chers’? Considering the brand has made no first-of-its-kind anti-ageing claims, we have a feeling the answer might be no

Our guess is that genetics are playing a pretty major role here, given Cher’s recent comments about her 95-year-old mother who “still looks so good”. 

That, paired with following the one golden rule of good skin: “I don’t sleep in my makeup. I am pretty religious about taking it off.”

Cher also revealed that it was her mother who taught her some of her most valuable beauty lessons over the years. One being the importance of an eyelash curler: “My mother always said, if you are on a desert island, you should take an eyelash curler with you.” 

Aveeno cleanser, check. Eyelash curler, check. 

What’s your desert island beauty item?

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  1. Wow, her mom and Cher look amazing! Beautiful women

    Agree, Aveeno cleanser is good, plus have used couple of their creams, my skin loved them. Atm having one in stash, soon to use

  2. Desert island beauty item? My Dermasonic+ Cleansing Device would run out of charge; sunscreen would run out – unless I know I’ll only get briefly marooned before rescue?

    I’m obsessive about stray hairs, so I’d pack tweezers. I keep some by the bedside, tv chair, computer, bathroom cabinet & handbag.

  3. Cher looks after herself very well glad that she is using an affordable Cleansing Product (Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser) wished that I could have the Cosmetic Surgery that she has had, to make herself look much younger than her age.🙂

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