Cheat’s guide to a fresh face

Cheat’s guide to a fresh face

I’m not good at achieving a sleek hairstyle no matter how much time I have to spare, sometimes I can barely muster up the energy to dress myself (let’s not even talk about the decision of what to wear), but what I have mastered is the art of faking a good night’s sleep.

Being a working mum these are the tricks you pick up and never ever forget as they’re the little saviours that ensure you turn up for work looking half human on only two hours sleep.

What’s not to love about a gleam cream? Anything that can transform your face from washed out to wow in seconds is a godsend in my book. And that’s why illuminiser is a must for any mum. Mix a little Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Complex with your regular daily moisturiser (try Dove Face Care Energy Glow Brightening Face Moisturiser for added gleam) and apply over your entire face.

Next up I like to add a little spot of shimmer to eye bones (in the arch of your eyebrow), under the eye and along the cheekbones. My faves are: Bloom Illuminiser, Benefit Dandelion (a brightening face powder in a beautiful perk-me-up pink) and Diorshow Powder. This just gives that extra glow to lackluster skin.

Prep tired peepers by applying lashings of clear mascara. You can also use an eyelash curler to help really open the eyes. Because I have green eyes I like to opt for a light brown eyeshadow and to complement this and enhance the eye area I sweep a little bronze or gold-coloured eyeshadow under the bottom lash. This just accentuates the eye without being too heavy.

Sweep a dusky pink blush across cheekbones and pop a dollop of gloss on your lips and you’re ready to face the world.

Another saving grace I’ve discovered is the Cocooi Newborn Sleep Bag from Merino Kids. Made from 100 per cent superfine merino fibres it magically makes babies settle quicker and sleep easier. Yes, helps them sleep so you can too. Okay, so it’s not just magic, there is some science behind it too. The merino fabric controls moisture next to the skin and helps regulate bub’s temperature, ensuring a more restful sleep. It also reduces skin irritations and allergies and is soft and comfortable to the touch of the skin. Wish they make one big enough for adults!

What are your tried and tested ways to fake a fresh face?

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