5 ways $15 can transform your skin

5 ways $15 can transform your skin

Flawless skin from head to toe is something we all really, really want—especially as we peel back the layers for beach season. But with Christmas fast approaching forking out on a bunch of different lotions and potions in a bid to combat our body bugbears just isn’t feasible. So what if I told you that $15 could be the key to solving five of your most common skin woes?


There are a myriad reasons for scars to occur; the most common of these is surgery, followed closely by everyday cuts, grazes and minor burns, and finally, the evidence of cosmetic surgery. No matter what the cause is, Bio-Oil’s® vitamin-rich formula is the answer. It contains vitamins A and E to protect and repair the skin while promoting skin cell renewal. It reduces the visible signs of scarring and, with continued use, helps the skin return to its once-smooth self.


Us women are particularly prone to stretch marks. Our first encounter might happen when we hit puberty, then due to body changes like rapid weight gain or weight loss or of course, pregnancy. When our body expands at a sudden rate (as in, faster than the skin covering it), the skin can tear slightly, forming a stretch mark as it attempts to heal. While stretch marks are unfortunately permanent in nature, using Bio-Oil® consistently can help to reduce their spidery appearance. Massaging Bio-Oil® into the affected area can help boost blood circulation and stimulate collagen, which plumps and rehydrates the skin, and may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


The most common cause of fine lines and wrinkles is the deterioration of collagen and elastin support in the skin. To defy these telltale signs of ageing it’s important to replenish and increase collagen formulation. Bio-Oil® contains ingredients that kick-start collagen production to plump the skin and give it a smoother, suppler appearance. Not bad for $15! 


Uneven, blotchy skin or hyperpigmentation is most commonly caused by an inconsistent production of melanin. Some people are simply born with it, while for others it can be the result of hormonal changes, ageing or sun damage. Bio-Oil® is proven to help improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, so put down the heavy foundation, pick up a bottle of Bio-Oil® and get ready for a bare-faced day at the beach!


If you suffer from dehydrated skin and spend a good chunk of your beauty routine slathering moisturiser all over your body, listen up. The skin has a layer of natural oil called sebum, which acts as a barrier to help skin to retain moisture and prevent us from looking like dry, scaly, shrivelled up little raisins. During the hottest and coldest months the lipid layer can struggle and too much moisture can be drawn out of the skin, leaving it dehydrated. This is where Bio-Oil® comes to the rescue. When massaged into the skin, the formula—which is rich in vitamins A and E and botanical extracts—helps to supplement and support that natural oil layer to protect our skin from moisture loss, keeping it hydrated and nourished all year round. Plus, thanks to its breakthrough PurCellin Oil, it absorbs quickly so you can spend less time indoors rubbing cream in and more time outside showing off your silky smooth skin.

Do you suffer from any of these skin problems? Have you tried Bio-Oil®?

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