Changing times

Changing times

Q) “My skin texture seems to be changing, it’s a little drier than usual but it also feels like my skin needs a good scrub, it feels bumpy although there aren’t any visible bumps. I’ve used all the usual products: AHAs, salicylic cleanser, good exfoliators, yet nothing seems to be working…can anyone help?” – Kristen, QLD

A) “It sounds like you may have an impaired barrier function and under-the-skin congestion due to dehydration.  The solution is to boost your skin hydration levels at the same time as you’re exfoliating. Ensure you only exfoliate with lactic acid as opposed to glycolic-based products as this will help combat dehydration. Also avoid over-exfoliation, I’d suggest a rice bran-based microfoliant to polish and smooth skin without causing irritation – these can also be used daily. Try:L’Occitane Red Rice Exfoliating Rice Powder or Sensé Rice Bran Polisher.

Introduce a hydrating booster and hydrating spritz toner into your daily regime andtry Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster and Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner. Ingredients to look out for are silicones, vitamin complexes of A, C and E, proteins and peptides. In addition, visit a professional skin therapist who can look at your skin and give you an up-to-date and detailed analysis of its current condition.”

–  Emma Hobson, International Dermal Institute

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