Fine and dandy

Fine and dandy

Did any of you happen to catch Pink on Rove on Sunday evening? As well as being enamoured by her charm, I simply could not get over how, well, cool she is.

I think I’m a little jealous of her actually. See, at the moment I’m coveting the whole dandy, androgynous look. I mean it’s ridiculous really, I’m perfectly aware that I just don’t have the face shape and certain je ne sais quoi to pull it off.

Pink, Pixie and a pre-Kath and Kim Selma Blair all look so good what with their effortless coolness that I simply cannot compete.

Now I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this (well okay, about 30 minutes but still) and have come to the logical conclusion that it’s because the crop perfectly matches with my current must-have make-up look of a nude lip (I’m loving MAC Emanuel Ungaro Lipstick in Pure Rose) and black lashes (note to all those Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash lovers our there: the waterproof version hits shelves in February).   

See, according to many beauty insiders (read me – and I think I’ve managed to convince Leanne), it’s an all-too-common phenomenon to think of hair and make-up as separate arenas, not really marrying the two together. I know I do it. I think curls, I want curls! And then I think coral, I want coral! With absolutely no thought whatsoever about what they’d look like together. And that’s fine; make-up, hair, the whole shebang is to be played with (and not taken too seriously), but it also means I can’t sulk when other people hit the nail on the head and get it so darn right.

I have to be happy for them, and I am. Or at least I will be once I’ve knocked off their look!

Who do you think marries their hair and make-up perfectly?

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