Celebrity trout pouts

Celebrity trout pouts

Okay, so we can’t confirm or deny whether or not these lusciously-lipped celebrities have had a bit of help (read: surgery) to plump up those pouts. Some have vehemently denied that they’ve had surgery (we’re looking at you, Megan Fox), while others…well…it’s pretty obvious that they’ve gone under the knife (*cough* Lindsay *cough*).

Take look for yourself and let us know what you think – are these lips that are naturally plump and luscious, or have they had a helping hand?

Watch this video to find out how you can plump up your pout – naturally!

Scrub your way to smoother, softer, more kissable lips…

What do you think – have these celebs had some help to make their lips a bit fuller?

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Lisa Rinna

Remember what we said about tight curls? They can be even less flattering on short-short hair!

Megan Fox

Megan’s always denied that she’s had surgery to plump up her lips – maybe they just got bigger with age?

Lindsay Lohan

We bet Lindsay thought this shirt-and-vest-in-one was a red carpet winner. Cringe.

Sophie Monk

The Aussie beauty is certainly sporting fuller lips lately, but maybe she’s just using a really good lip plumper.

Ashlee Simpson

Ash’s top lip used to be non-existent, but these days its looking rather full. Hmmm…

Liv Tyler

Tall and slender, Liv loves hula-hooping because it means she can exercise while spending time with her son, Milo. Liv pops on her fave song and hula-hoops until the very end, leaving her completely out of breath.

Jennifer Garner

They say that pregnancy fills out your lips, right? Or maybe that’s just what Jen is telling people about her luscious lips.

Brittany Murphy

We seriously hope that Brittany’s majorly plumped-up lips were a case of bad lip lining.

Heidi Montag

No guessing necessary here. We know that Heidi’s a big fan of plastic surgery and had her lips done on the same day as, oh, the rest of her body.

Anne Hathaway

The 31-year-old actress has expressed that she would love children, both her own and adopted.


Jessica Simpson Fancy

Anna Faris

The funny lady’s smile is looking a little unnaturally plumper these days, don’t you think?

Stephanie Pratt

The ex-‘Hills’ star may have thought a more noticeable pout would extend her 15 minutes of fame…

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