17 Celebrities Who Just Simply Do Not Age

17 Celebrities Who Just Simply Do Not Age

Let’s face it. It’s almost a prerequisite to look younger than your age in Hollywood. After all, they do have access to the some of the best anti-ageing products, treatments and glam squads in the biz. However, in the case of certain A-listers like your Jared Letos or your Sandra Bullocks, it seems like they’re frozen in time. Whether it’s witchcraft or a time machine, we don’t know. But we’ve rounded them up for thorough investigation.

Nicole Kidman

20 years has been kind to Nicole. 54 has never looked so good.

Jada Pinkett-Smith

These two pics of Jada Pinkett-Smith could’ve been taken a day apart. Right? Wrong. There’s actually a whopping 19 years between them.

Brad Pitt

If you’d have told us 22 years ago that Brad Pitt would not only barely age, but in fact get even better looking, we don’t think we would’ve believed you. After all, he was cast as Benjamin Button for a reason, right?

Penelope Cruz

Penelope told The Evening Standard, “of course my face will change as I get older, but that’s OK. It’s a good thing to be old, because that means you haven’t died yet right? And when I do get older, I want to have the grace to be proud of it, not to lie about it or try to fight it.” We love the attitude and her ageing (or lack thereof) isn’t something we’d be trying to fight either.

Jared Leto

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the image on the right is Jared Leto’s wax statue. But, it’s actually the Dallas Buyers Club actor at 50 years old (nine years on from the pic on the left).

Blake Lively

From her days eating lunch on the Met steps as Serena Van Der Woodsen to walking the Met Ball red carpet in 2022, Blake looks as bright-eyed as the moment we first laid eyes on her

Channing Tatum

Channing might’ve lost his hair during the decade between these photos, but his looks haven’t gone anywhere.

Cate Blanchett

Having access to an endless supply of SK-II is clearly doing wonders for the actress. These pics were taken almost 15 years apart!

Cindy Crawford

The supermodel recently recreated her famous Pepsi ad, denim shorts and all. The original ad was shot when Cindy was just 25-years-old – we honestly can’t tell the difference.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth’s all about that healthy GOOP lifestyle so it’s really no surprise that she’s ageing so well.

Halle Berry

Halle’s hairstyles may have changed over the years, but her face certainly hasn’t!

Elle Macpherson

She might’ve been known as ‘The Body’, but we’re mesmerised by Elle’s face. How does she still look exactly the same as she did in 1995?!

Jennifer Aniston

Jen hasn’t changed a bit since Friends. She recently said that she believes “being happy” is the key to “looking and feeling younger”.

Eva Mendes

The pic on the left is from 2001, when Eva was just 26! She’s now 48.

Angelina Jolie

Former wild child Angelina has barely aged a day! She’s definitely softened her makeup over the years though.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi’s unchanged face has to be one of the world’s greatest wonders. She still looks just as youthful as she did when she first started modelling!

Jennifer Lopez

JLo’s definitely discovered the magic of brow products since the ’90s but not much else has changed! She’s now 52.

Are you surprised by these ageless celebrities? What’s your best anti-ageing tip?

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  1. I'm sure these beauties don't sit back and let the years roll by without putting some effort into how they look. Genetics probably play a good role in some cases but hard work is more likely to be the case – healthy eating; healthy lifestyle; plenty of exercise; a good skincare routine; and maybe some treatments here and there. But, one thing's for sure, they all look stunning.

  2. I think with some of them, their makeup makes them look harsher and their faces aren’t as “plump” as they were when they were younger which is weird as my face is getting plumper the more I age(as is the rest of me haha)

  3. Halle Berry lots the most natural and unchanged to me. Brad has definitely aged, but still looks good, he’s quite boyish in the first photo. The article is right, they can access and afford the best products, companies give them stuff for free. I think a few have used botox and surgery too.

  4. I love Penelope Cruz’s quote:

    of course my face will change as I get older, but that’s OK. It’s a good thing to be old, because that means you haven’t died yet right? And when I do get older, I want to have the grace to be proud of it, not to lie about it or try to fight it.

    Good on her!

    Cate Blanchett is why SK-II is on my wishlist for if I ever win Lotto – haha!

  5. It helps they have access to the best of everything, no stress regarding money for a start. They also often have very healthy diets, exercise frequently and of course some would have some surgery etc done. I am often told I look younger “for my age”, but I wish I had never smoked, this along with a high fat diet will make your skin age quicker than anything else. I believe organic vegan fresh food diet full of raw fruit and veggies, especially leafy greens has helped me a lot.

  6. To me Brad and Channing have definitely aged (not too badly though) much more than the ladies. Cindy Crawford still looks amazing, she hasn’t aged, lucky her. Elle looks great too.

  7. Unfortunately Celebrities can afford to have Botox or Fillers to keep fine lines especially around the mouth, so that they don’t have those marionette lines. Also they can afford the Best Skincare Products in the World that can cost hundreds of dollars.

  8. They all share some similar “bone structure” High forehead, prominent “ish” brow region, high cheekbones and a jawline that is as wide as their temple. Exceptions to the jawline are Jarred Leto, Blake Lively, Channing and Naomi but there are features that are definitely advantageous if you have them.

  9. I definitely think having lots of cash & access to the best beauty treatments & other skincare innovations & procedures has helped. You can’t tell me that these celebs have preserved themselves on diet & great skincare alone (although I’m sure that helps too)!

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