This French Face Mask Has Gone Viral On TikTok For Being A “Vacuum For The Pores”

This French Face Mask Has Gone Viral On TikTok For Being A “Vacuum For The Pores”

It was only a few weeks ago that we shared the viral sensation that was Clinique’s Black Honey Lipstick. And now we’re back again with yet another beauty product shot to stardom by everybody’s favourite time-sucker, TikTok. 

The latest product gaining traction is a clay face mask from French skin care line, Caudalie. The Detox Mask has been labelled a “vacuum for the pores”, which immediately captured our attention. Firstly, because that sounds like the most satisfying feeling ever, and secondly, because our pores are always in need of a clear out. 

While all clay masks are formulated to draw out impurities, this one in particular uses an all-natural coffee and fruit enzyme-rich formula to minimise pore size, evacuate blackheads and leave the skin firm, glowing and illuminated – all without a skerrick of irritation. 

Image credit: @hala.owis

The #caudaliedetox hashtag now has 11.7 million views, praise from Kourtney Kardashian, and thousands of videos where TikToker’s are smearing clay across their faces and allowing us to watch it be “sucked in” by the pores. 

Want in on the action?  Caudalie’s Detox Mask is selling out fast. However, it’s currently still available for purchase from Chemist Beauty for $47. Don’t hesitate. 
For a similar result, we swear by the Alya Pink Clay Mask ($49.99, Priceline).

Main image credit: @christinanadin

Have you tried this mask from Caudalie? If not, have you ever used a clay mask?

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