The 15 minute secret behind Carey Mulligan’s Oscars glow


Before the couture gowns are zipped up, the lashes are glued in place and the perfectly styled hair gets its final zjooshing, arguably the most important part of any red carpet prep is already well underway.

Flying under the radar and appearing on no best dressed lists, the real star of any awards season is (in our opinion)  anything and everything involved in skin preparation. 

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And for the majority of celebrities, this includes weeks of time-consuming and sometimes painful treatments like extractions, skin needling or peels.

But one skin prep technique that was neither lengthy nor invasive came from Oscar nominee, Carey Mulligan.

Image credit: @georgieeisdell

Complementing the show-stopping glow of her golden Valentino gown was Carey’s bright and flawless complexion. A result which can be partially credited to the quick pre-red carpet session she spent under her LED mask. 

Makeup artist Georgie Eisdell shared a behind the scenes pic to Instagram captioned “before every red carpet, we mask”. 

Image credit: @georgieeisdell

The LED mask from CurrentBody ($480, available here), crafted with 49 red and infrared LED bulbs, is the fast-working beauty gadget that’s quickly cementing itself as the must-have skin prep tool for any big event. 

“Smooths, calms and firms. I cannot live without it. I made sure we got a little 15 minute relaxation and skin love this morning with Carey before we started glam” shared Georgie.

While LED treatments have long been popular in-salon for their effectiveness in collagen stimulation and targeting acne causing bacteria, the at-home wearable masks (while not as intense as something you’d find in a clinic) are ticking some very appealing boxes. Don’t have to leave the house? Check. Don’t have to make conversation? Check. Don’t have to get out of your pyjamas? Double check. 

Image credit: @careyhmulligan

If you can’t get your hands on Carey’s exact one, here are some other great alternatives that are bh approved:

Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro, $660 at MECCA

Peppy Co LED Light Therapy Mask V2, $179 at Peppy Co

Main image credit: @georgieeisdell

Have you ever tried an LED mask? If not, would you like to?

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