Brooke Shields just shed a light on this unexpected beauty concern

Brooke Shields just shed a light on this unexpected beauty concern

We yearned for the ins and outs of her beauty routine from the minute she debuted in the iconic film Blue Lagoon at only 14-years-old. Now, 41 years on and at age 55, Brooke Shields is still a celebrity we affiliate with youthful, natural beauty. 

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Speaking to Glamour on behalf of her latest brand partnership with Colgate, Brooke recently discussed everything from her most treasured beauty tips to the importance of hydration and the  oral health topic we’re not discussing nearly enough: gum decay. 

Similarly to our eyes, our teeth don’t age. Once we lose our baby teeth, the next set of 32 adult-sized chompers are what we are stuck with (hopefully) for life. However, the same can’t be said for the surrounding gums holding them in place, which are in fact growing older alongside us and often being damaged as a result of built up bacteria. “We grow up learning to brush your teeth and floss. There’s more than that,” said Brooke. 

And upon the release of their newest line, Renewal toothpaste (which has been specifically designed to protect against gum deterioration), we may feel like this is yet another age-associated beauty concern we have to start worrying about. However, sharing her refreshing and grounded perspective, Brooke explained, “It’s not a chore,” she says. “It’s actually a privilege that we have access to all of this.” 

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Her comforting no-bullshit attitude is even more evident when it came to discussing the one beauty trend she wishes would die out, for good. “This obsession that you should look like somebody else. I think that’s a disservice to all the beautiful, unique people out there.”

 *Deletes ‘Brooke Shields brows’ folder from Pinterest*

Judging by her frequent au natural appearance, it comes as no surprise that the actress wears next to no makeup on the regular, as she shared: “I’ve never been one for a whole heck of a lot of foundation. I like skin to show.” 

And when it comes to her skin care, Brooke revealed to Allure there’s no ‘ride or die’ product that she can’t live without. Instead, she focuses more on prioritising good habits and important qualities like cleanliness and the one ingredient she relies on to deliver results. 

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“As long as I keep my skin clean and hydrated. Truthfully, I don’t swear by one particular thing. Really it’s anything that errs on the side of not chemicals, something that is super moisturising. But, keeping myself hydrated is the main thing.” Although she did also add, “I love vitamin C. I’ve noticed that products that have vitamin C really seem to help keep the dullness out of my skin and refresh it. It doesn’t necessarily matter the brand because I don’t have a favourite yet.”

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For an ultra-brightening vitamin C-rich serum we recommend  the La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum and Clinique Fresh Pressed™ Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%. Paired with a potent, hydrating formula like theLANATÉ Cream, you’ll be basking in that Brooke Shields glow in no time (in your own uniquely beautiful way of course).

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Do you use a vitamin C serum? If so, which is your favourite?

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  1. She is gorg! VitC is tricky for me. Most clinically researched and apparently functional is L ascorbic acid that my skin is not a fan of. Will keep trying and see if I find one that is ok and effective. Atm using fat soluble and stable form that my skin likes.

  2. I remember her in Blue Lagoon when I was like 12! I also love products with Vitamin C and her chilled out attitude. Many thanks to her Mum and the way she brought Brooke up I think.. I now have a daughter myself called Brooke!

  3. Brooke Shields is a very beautiful Woman and you can see that she looks after her Skin and has a lovely smile glad to see that she is ambassador for Colgate with the Renewal Toothpaste.

  4. Nice to read Brooke’s positive comments on beauty & dental health 🙂 I once used a vitamin c serum when dermarolling, but maybe only got subtle results. Also wonder if we’ll get that Colgate toothpaste in Aus? I’m young & already have some gum recession :-/

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