The Eye Cream Hack Brooke Boney Uses To Look Fresh Every Morning

The Eye Cream Hack Brooke Boney Uses To Look Fresh Every Morning

We love learning the ins and outs of every celebrity’s beauty routine, but the ones that really intrigue us are that of Australian TV show hosts.

From Lisa Wilkinson’s everyday moisturiser, to Carrie Bickmore’s go-to lipstick, they tend to have a wealth of beauty knowledge that’s both relatable and affordable. 

And the tips are only made even better when said star is a morning TV host. Why? Because they get up damn early and still manage to look amazing.

So when we chatted to Today‘s entertainment reporter, Brooke Boney, we were keen to find out her secrets for de-puffing in the morning, as well as how she keeps her skin glowing throughout the dead of winter.

What does your morning skin care routine look like?

“I normally wake up between 4am – 4:30am so I keep it pretty simple with a shower. I cleanse my face and moisturise both my face and body before I get my hair and makeup done when I get into work.” 

How do you deal with puffiness?

“Sometimes when my eyes are a bit puffy or if I feel like I look a bit more tired than usual, I massage some of my CeraVe Eye Repair Cream ($14.99 at Chemist Warehouse) in, which I keep in the fridge so that it is kept cool.” (FYI, Brooke is a CeraVe ambassador so she uses their products A LOT).


What does your night time routine look like?

“My night time regimen is also pretty simple.  Sometimes I’ll get my makeup done two or three times in a day if it’s a really busy day, so I’ve found CeraVe’s Hydrating Cream to Foam Cleanser ($15.99 at Chemist Warehouse) [to be] incredible for removing makeup. I feel like you only really need to wash it off once, maybe twice, and I use a face cloth to get off most of the makeup and product so it’s pretty effective. I especially like how it makes my skin feel once I’ve taken if off, it doesn’t leave it feeling dry, it actually feels quite moisturised. I then lather up my skin with CeraVe’s Moisturising Lotion or Cream, depending on the season, to keep my body really hydrated overnight.”

bh also loves: 

What ingredients does your skin seem to love?

“My skin seems to love ceramides, which I apply daily as part of my skin care regimen, and also vitamin B5 which helps with extra skin hydration.” 

bh recommends: 


If you could go back in time and teach your younger self one thing about beauty – what would it be?

“It would be to put more sunscreen on my neck, decolletage and face to protect myself from the sun a little bit more. I know that everyone says this and I’ve been reading it about it since I was a teenager, but I wish that they had sunscreens back then like they have now.”

How do you like to unwind and de-stress?

“When I’ve got the luxury of time, I catch up on sleep and potter about the house or go for a nice long walk with a friend. There are so many beautiful parks in Sydney and I tend to go for a walk around the Botanic Gardens or Centennial Park.” 

What are your tips for maintaining a good work/life balance?

“It’s different for every person but for me it’s about making sure I prioritise catch-ups with friends and be social, along with some exercise. I think those types of activities are helpful in terms of keeping the mind and body healthy and happy to be prepared for a day at work. I’d much prefer to catch up with a girlfriend by going for a long stroll and picking up dinner at the end rather than going out for a big boozy lunch .”

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What do you think of Brooke’s routine and tips? Do you have any hacks for de-puffing in the morning?

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