Bringing the salon to you

Bringing the salon to you

Sometimes I just cannot be bothered to drag my sorry self out of my trackie pants and to the salon for a facial.

You know the days when you’ve been walking around looking like a skincare-virgin for days, but still, still the calling of the couch is too strong. Or worse: you’ve got yourself all ready to go, only to find Cheryl got mixed up and “pencilled you in for next week love, not today.” Gee, thanks Cheryl. Way to ruin a girl’s day.

But now that doesn’t have to happen. Not if you roll like me and indulge in a bit of Homepeel action. See…

1.    The products actually work – microderm move over, it’s all about the Flaky Skin Remover.

2.    They won’t bankrupt you – we’re talking $150 if you want to go all out and have a peel (I don’t know if you’ve researched the price of good peels lately but I have, and this is by far the best, non-dodgy deal of all time. Fact.).

3.    You can order online while wearing tracksuit pants – okay this is the real reason I’m excited, aren’t you?

Come on, it can’t just be me who likes a little DIY salon time every now and then?

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