Botox blow-dry anyone?

Botox blow-dry anyone?

According to the gals about town – the ones that spend more time sat in the hairdresser’s chair than they do in their own arm chair – there’s a treatment on the menu that might just transform your frizzy-haired world.

A single salon session can leave you with silky straight locks for an entire three months. Uh huh, you heard right. Coined ‘botox for hair’, this hair-straightening treatment will have you looking sleeker than a screen siren quick sharpish.

Also know as Latino Hair Straightening, this protein-based hair process irons out the hair without a straightener in sight and without damaging the texture, leaving hair manageable and, most importantly, super sleek for three to four months.

Suitable for all hair types, it actually leaves the hair looking glossier than before and totally frizz-free: no amount of rain, sweat or heat will bring on the frizzies!

Bid bad hair days adieu.

Would you fork out $300-$400 to say farewell to frizzy hair?

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