Botanicals with the best beauty benefits

Botanicals with the best beauty benefits

We all try to do the very best for our skin; that includes proper cleansing, moisturising and protecting in order to get the very best back from it. Achieving truly beautiful, younger-looking skin means you have to be using the right ingredients, and finding a product that contains them all and is gentle enough for your skin is often where people get stuck.

Luckily, Trilogy has come to the rescue with  an advanced natural skincare product that can give your skin everything it needs to look healthy, beautiful and more youthful… Trilogy Age Proof Line Smoothing Day Cream is the product we’re talking about and we’ve got four very good reasons you should be slathering it on your skin every single day…


Many people think that because a product is natural, it doesn’t contain ingredients powerful enough to treat skin ageing. Botanical hydroxyproline is a plant-derived amino acid that delivers an effective, triple firming action to your skin. It helps to treat fine lines and wrinkles by fighting free radicals, which can damage your skin’s structural support while also stimulating collagen fibres and protecting the elastin in your skin.


The essential fatty acids from these nourishing ingredients help to restore hydration and work to keep your skin looking and feeling moisturised and healthy long after you first apply the cream. The result is a satiny textured   complexion with a silky smooth finish that is perfect for make-up application.


Though this fruit is often discarded as the least popular addition to fruit salads, many people are unaware of how good it is for you, especially for your skin. Melon extract actually helps to strengthen and condition your skin, providing it with what it needs to stay healthy and protected from skin ageing culprits like free radicals for longer.


Known as ‘nature’s moisture magnet’ for its ability to hold many times its own weight in water, hyaluronic acid is a welcome and nourishing addition to this natural day cream. It helps to hydrate, moisturise and plump your skin and works with each key ingredient in this breakthrough botanical formulation to help gently restore and protect your skin.


Want an even better reason to try Trilogy products? You can own the high performance Trilogy Age Proof Line Smoothing Cream – and receive a few gifts as an added bonus, too!

For a limited time, by purchasing any two Trilogy products, you’ll receive Trilogy Age Proof 3-Step Essentials, containing Trilogy New Line Smoothing Day Cream (20ml), Trilogy Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream (30ml) and Trilogy Nutrient Plus Firming Serum (10ml) valued at $44.95!

Stockists: Available from participating Myer, Priceline, pharmacy and health stores nationwide, while stocks last. Visit for stockist details.

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