How to stay hydrated from top-to-toe this winter

How to stay hydrated from top-to-toe this winter

It’s common knowledge that the need for hydration severely increases come winter time. With winds and dropping temperatures outside and heating inside, your skin well and truly needs some help. And while winter is often an excuse to splurge on skincare, sometimes it’s easy to neglect the rest of our body. Scaly legs and dry itchy skin sound familiar, anyone? Here’s our roundup of the best top to toe products to keep your skin in its best shape ever this winter (yes, it is possible).

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The part you likely notice first as being dry is your face. Dry and flaky skin is brought to your attention faster as makeup doesn’t sit quite right and that summer glow often makes way for a duller complexion come winter. The first step and the one most often forgotten is to exfoliate. This prevents flaky skin building up and helps buff off the dry, dull layer on top, affected by the elements. While I am partial to a chemical exfoliant which you can use every night (bh loves: Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer) a physical exfoliant also has its place for sloughing off dead skin, although if this is your preferred method, make sure to only use once or twice a week. bh loves: La Mer The Replenishing Oil Exfoliator. Following this for night time, a rich night cream is crucial in rehydrating your skin, bh loves: Skin Nutrient Goat’s Milk Magic Sleep Cream. For the day-time, try a hydrating mist such as Swisse Rosewater Balancing Mist Toner: perfect for over or under makeup for a quick and convenient top up of hydration.


Another part of your body that is way too commonly forgotten is your lips. And while a stock standard lip balm may feel like it’s doing something, it’s probably not providing the deep hydration (or protection) your lips need. At night try an exfoliant such as Frank Body Lip Scrub (find it at, $14.95), followed by a mask like Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (find it at, $26). During the day, make sure to carry a repairative and protective lip formula such as Blistex Five-Way Lip Protection, which you can apply anytime your lips are feeling a little parched, plus will protect them from future elemental damage (including SPF!).


While there’s not too much you can do for your hair when you’re out and about (except using an SPF product such as Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil – yes, even in winter), using the right shampoo and conditioner, as well as investing in good quality hair masks will make all the difference. bh loves: OGX Hydrate + Marula Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and Hair Recipe Honey and Apricot Moisture Mask.


Another part of your body that too often gets neglected but probably cops the most from the weather are your hands. It is also the part of your body that is likely to age the fastest, between UVA/UVB exposure, hand washing and a severe lack of TLC. If you’re really trying to up the ante, use something (at night) that works to resurface the skin such as Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose Hand Cream. This uses alpha hydroxy acids, the same way the OG Liquid Gold formula does – to stimulate cell turnover and slough off dead skin cells. For the day time opt for something that’s not sticky and will fit in your handbag (otherwise you won’t use it). Bh loves: em&mary Coastal Naturals Hand Cream.


We never really forget about the rest of our bodies but in the time between getting out of the shower and into our pajamas, moisturising sometimes just isn’t a priority. The first step is using a body wash, that won’t strip your skin of moisture, bh loves: Alpha Keri Aloe Soothe Wash. The next step (and completely optional if the cold is just too much) is a body exfoliation. Similarly to your face, there are chemical and physical options, such as Ren AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum (find it at, $69), which uses lactic acid to hydrate, firm and buff away dead skin cells, or if you prefer physical, Mitten Classic Exfoliating Face or Body Mitt will well and truly ensure you’re A) perfectly prepped for your winter coating of fake tan and B) your moisturiser is much better absorbed on fresh skin. And while we know slathering cold moisturiser onto a cold body on a cold night is never fun, you’re skin will seriously be thanking you for this final step. If you can’t manage every night at least try every second night. bh loves:Alpha Keri Aloe Soothe Cream.


Being shoved in shoes all day is an easy reason to have missed your feet, but come summer (and sandal) time you’ll be thanking us. On a regular day, be sure to take your body moisturiser all the way down to your feet, but if you’re feeling like pampering yourself, the Kiss Foot & Toe Nail Mask Socks pack a serious punch when it comes to hydration. Now all you need is a fresh slick of polish.

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What areas of your body do you forget about when the temperature drops?

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