Bio-Oil Skincare Natural Trial Team

Bio-Oil Skincare Natural Trial Team


20 women seeking an all-natural solution to help hydrate skin, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and improve an uneven skin tone.

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Bio-Oil Skincare Oil Natural



found their skin felt moisturised after using Bio-Oil Skincare Oil Natural


would continue using the Bio-Oil Skincare Oil Natural


found that the Bio-Oil Skincare Oil Natural helped improve the appearance of stretch marks within the two week trial period


found that the Bio-Oil Skincare Oil Natural helped improve the appearance of scars within the two week trial period

beautyheaven says:

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil Natural is a new twist on an old favourite. The 100 per cent natural formula has been created without fragrance, preservatives, phthalates and parabens. What it does contain, however, are specialist plant oils, extracts and vitamin-rich ingredients that have been carefully selected for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

For many Trial Team members, Bio-Oil was not only a product that they were familiar with, but one they were incredibly fond of and already frequenting in their routine. For some, their connection to Bio-Oil began as children, passed down as a beauty secret from their mothers. Feeling both nostalgic and connected to the original product, many questioned whether they would embrace a new all-natural version. But they needn’t have worried;  upon trialling needs were met and expectations were exceeded. The formula was overwhelmingly reported to have worked towards fading stretch marks and scars within weeks, while nourishing chronically dry skin, leaving it smooth, supple and soft. 

While an all-natural alternative was a ‘nice to have’ for some Trial Team members, for the new mums and pregnant ladies within the group, a natural alternative to one of their primary bodycare products was essential. 

Among the long-term Bio-Oil fans and triallers favouring a natural routine, were those who had never tried Bio-Oil before. In fact, the brand name alone caused hesitation for those who historically associated oils with a greasy residue, heavy formula and a tendency to flare up sensitive skin. Much to their surprise, they found the Bio-Oil Natural formula to absorb almost instantly, with no trigger of irritation and leaving behind a finish that proved to be even lighter than their regular moisturiser. As for the transfer onto clothes or bed sheets? Non-existent.

Though some members hoped to see a glass bottle in the future, majority of Trial Team members were impressed with the new squeezable bottle, as it allowed them to reach every last drop of product.

Though Bio-Oil already comes with a strong reputation, the product continues to deliver skin hydrating, scar-fading and stretch mark-soothing results to back it up. As members couldn’t determine a concrete difference between the regular formula and its natural counterpart, they voiced their eagerness to continue using the natural version at the commencement of the trial.

*Stats are based on a survey of 50 beautyheaven Trial Team members.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Bio-Oil for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

“It did not disappoint! As a general use moisturiser on my dry skin – it sank into my skin fairly quickly, and it left it feeling supple and smooth, without oily residue. I applied it liberally to stretch marks around my torso, and noted improvements in colour and texture as well over the course of a few weeks. I love this, and would definitely recommend it.” – Shinysilverdragon, read more reviews here…

“Amazing! Overall the scent is pretty generic which is fine by me. For an oil I am applying to my body scent isn’t a big factor, but absorbency is, and my skin was left feeling hydrated, soft and renewed. Highly recommend to anyone looking to heal a scar.” – Belle07, read more reviews here…

“The Bio-Oil Skincare Oul (Natural) is made from 100% natural ingredients and is packed with vitamins to help the skin repair itself and stay hydrated. I used the product mainly of an evening – I found that after showering my skin just drank it up. The oil is quite runny but was very light and absorbed well to my tummy (stretch marks) and elbow (scar). This is the kind of product you use long term to repair and nourish the skin and I recommend it to anyone who has stretch marks or scarring.” – Missyme_p, read more reviews here…

“This oil absorbs really fast so you aren’t left feeling really oily. My skin is so much more hydrated and feeling really plump. It has a slight fragrant smell but really really shuttle, you can barely notice it. I am super happy with this oil.” – Mumofbeauty, read more reviews here…

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  1. Thank you for your reviews. I found them very useful. I haven’t tried this oil, but it sounds like it would really hydrate the skin without leaving it oily.

  2. I have mixed emotions on bio oil .. its hydrating but it doesn’t reduce the scars appearance and i have to use it twice a day for 3 months to see result. Which is a really long time

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