Nigh resolution

Nigh resolution

The thing about resolutions is most of us tend to treat them like an overdue car service; why put off ’til tomorrow what you can utterly avoid until next year? But the truth about the traditional vow of the season is this: if a vice or wicked habit is worth kicking then, it’s already curb-worthy now. When it comes to abandoning evils, there’s no time like the present.

So I’m making my beauty resolutions now and I’m being brutal about it…

Be it stay-out-’til-sparrow’s season or not, I shall henceforth never sleep in my make-up again. I’ll restock my bedside bureau with L’Oreal Paris De-Maq Expert Ultra-Effective Make-up Removing Wipes, keep Simple’s refreshing Cleansing Facial Wipes in my glove box and slip a slim pack of Girl2Go Make-up A Go-Go cloths into my purse. No excuses. Not even for mineral make-up – the stuff might be kind to your skin, but it’s still hell on your linens.

I also vow to neglect my neck no longer. And it’s not just the Christmas turkey imagery talking; it’s a matter of maths. While my facial structure is scaffolded by twenty or so muscles, my neck’s literally left hanging by a network of three. Considering the TLC I slather upon my face twice daily, I figure it’s time I start taking care of my gravity-vulnerable neck on the double. Or start saving for a Hermès scarf.

Resolution three is to stop ‘cherry picking’ at products. It’s a beauty editor’s occupational hazard and can be chalked up to thorough research, but as I learned in skincare school at the International Dermal Institute, constantly switching lotions, cleansers and potions can leave you suddenly sensitised, give you break outs and, at the very least, be a waste of cash. You get far better results from committing to a quality routine and giving it time to work.

But my final commitment is the most crucial, if something of a cliché. I will make more time for me. I will zone out. I will spend more time alone. I will think of massages and spa sessions like a gym membership – less of an indulgence than a necessity for general wellbeing – and think of a facialist as my complexion’s personal trainer. Witness the skin fitness!

Yes, I vow that better beauty habits start today. But the car service? Um… tomorrow?

What bad beauty habits do you need to kick?

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