The best way to pop a pimple


We all know we should just let our pimples be, but let’s face it – when there’s a giant mound on the side of your face, how can you not completely go for it?

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And while the above seems inevitable, the least we can do is go about it in a ladylike fashion. So the next time you spot a spot, give this easy, quick and hygienic blemish-banishing solution a try.

What you’ll need: Two cotton tips – these are far gentler and cleaner than your nails (which should never, ever be used for pore extraction, btw).

Once you’ve dried off after a hot shower, place the cotton tips on either side of your pimple, angled toward each other and gently apply pressure. The steam from the shower will make your skin soft and clean and open your pores, making it easier for the gunk that’s inside your pimple to get out. Then, just let it air out and dry up, and remember – steer clear of any touching!

Have you ever tried using cotton tips to pop a pimple?

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