How To Apply Your Serum (And See Results) Just Like The Professionals

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Serum is an all-star step in most skin care routines. Packed full of actives, these potent pre-moisturiser power products have the potential to rectify a myriad of skin issues. But in order to see results, you need to know the best way to apply them.

While some tips will be dependant on the type of serum you’re using (ie. hyaluronic acid works best on damp skin), there are some universal application techniques that can help to elevate your results. 

Watch the video above or keep scrolling to learn some handy serum hints. 

4 tips for applying face serum

#1 Drop your serum into clean hands

Your serum step should come directly after cleansing. However, it’s best to drop your serum into your clean hands, rather than having the pipette come into direct contact with your face. This is because it can end up collecting bacteria from the face, which then ends up back in your serum bottle. Plus, dropping your serum into your hands first will make tip two much easier…

#2 Pat don’t rub your serum in

The best way to apply serum is to use your palms and fingertips to pat and tap it into the skin. This will help the formula to penetrate and absorb better. Rubbing can sometimes just move it around the skin without allowing it to sink in properly.

#3 Apply from thinnest to thickest

If you’re using multiple face serums in your routine, the application order can sometimes get confusing. But a general rule of thumb is to go from thinnest to thickest. This way, the thinner formulas will be able to penetrate without being blocked by the thicker ones. And if you’re using an eye serum, this should come after your face serums.

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#4 Use your ring finger to apply eye serum

Just like eye cream, eye serum should be applied using your ring finger. This will ensure gentle pressure for such a delicate area of skin. Use it to make light, tapping motions, until the serum is absorbed.

Do you use a serum? Did you find these tips useful?

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