7 best products for thicker hair

7 best products for thicker hair

Whether we have thick or thin hair is, for the most part, up to genetics and out of our control. And while we have learnt styling tips and tricks to make hair appear thicker, wouldn’t it be nice if we could do something a little more permanent?

We’ve rounded up the best and most innovative products in hair care, that work to rebuild damaged hair, stimulate growth and have you well on your way to stronger, healthier and thicker strands.

Aveda Thickening Tonic

Intended to be used on towel-dried hair, this tonic utilises natural ingredients such as ayurveda herb which helps to thicken individual strands and wheat protein to protect against heat damage.

$46, Adore Beauty

JSHealth Hair + Energy Formula

Strengthen strands from the inside out by adding a hit of hair-thickening zinc into your daily routine. How, you ask? With the JSHealth Hair + Energy Formula, of course! Packed with hair health-enhancing ingredients such as kelp, iodine and the aforementioned zinc, these will give you a great chance at locking in voluminous, strong, thick hair. What’s not to love?!

$44.99, JSHealth

Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste Serum

Specifically recommended for those seeking to grow their hair, this serum works to repair styling and dyeing damage by restoring the hair fibre. Recommended for use once or twice a week by massaging into the roots, this leave-in treatment is a game-changer.

$81, Adore Beauty

Bondi Boost Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner

Full of natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids with ingredients such as argan oil, peppermint essential oil and horsetail extract, this completely vegan hair care duo helps to clear scalp build-up and revitalise the hair shaft. Say hello to fuller, softer hair.

$89.90, Bondi Boost

evolis topical hair loss treatment for women

A topical lotion that has been clinically proven to reduce hair loss, this formula also boasts improved hair growth and thickness.

$41.90, David Jones Pharmacy

Sachajuan Thickening Shampoo

Utilising a combination of sea algae to boost moisture and shine, and thickening technology that targets each strand, this formula creates healthier, shinier and thicker hair. The shampoo also works to protect from heat and UV, meaning less breakage.

$44, Adore Beauty

Kevin.Murphy Angel.Masque

Working as part of the brand’s VOLUME regimen, the Angel Masque is a strengthening and thickening treatment targeted at fine and coloured hair. Formulated with bamboo extract, eight essential amino acids and nelumbo nucifera flower extract (known as ‘The Sacred Lotus’) to increase natural shine, deliver deep repair and moisture and provide a protective barrier to prevent breakage.

$49.95, Adore Beauty

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