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Itchy skin. Red skin. Bumpy skin. Flaky skin. Sore skin. These not-so-pretty issues are all signs of sensitive skin, and they usually occur when your skin rejects something you’ve slathered on.

So, considering a large amount of women claim they suffer from sensitive skin, it makes sense that they know how to treat it, right? The key is to handle it with care, and use non-irritating products that also keep your skin hydrated and happy.

For those with a sensitive eye area…

You need: products that treat this extremely delicate area with the upmost care, while also being effective.

Try:Innoxa Super Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover, a gentle eye make-up remover that contains coconut oil extract and aloe vera to remove impurities without irritating the eye area; and Bellamer Botanical Skin Care Eye Treatment Balm, an intensively hydrating eye treatment that works to strengthen delicate skin and fight lines and wrinkles around the eye area, while providing relief for eczema and other skin issues.

For those with a sensitive face…

You need: products that remove make-up and dead skin cells to promote healthy glowing skin, without causing redness or irritation.
Try: GAIA SKIN+BODY Creamy Cleanser, a cream cleanser that contains organic chamomile and marshmallow extract so it cares for dry, delicate skin as it removes impurities; and Ren Jojoba Microbead Purifying Facial Polish ($40,, a deep cleansing yet non-abrasive facial scrub that nourishes the skin as its jojoba oil micro beads gentle exfoliate.

For those with a sensitive body…

You need: products that clean your body without stripping moisture levels, and hair removal methods that won’t agitate your skin or leave it feeling sore.
Try:Sukin Sensitive Soap Free Body Wash, a non-drying and soap-free body wash that contains a nourishing mix of natural ingredients (read: cucumber, green tea, aloe vera and calming chamomile) to gentle cleanse and hydrate sensitive skin; and Waxaway Salon Wax Sensitive, an at-home wax kit that cares for delicate skin thanks to its hypoallergenic salon professional formula while still being ultra-effective at removing hairs.

For those with a sensitive scalp…

You need: products that rid the hair of product build-up and impurities without stripping moisture from the scalp or irritating it, and treatments to help end excessive flakiness.
Try:Al’chemy Unscented Very Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner, a hair cleansing duo designed for those with sensitive scalps, which moisturises the skin as it cleans, leaving both the skin and hair less fragile; Aveda Scalp Remedy Dandruff Solution, a daily leave-in treatment that relieves scalp itching, nourishes and soothes the scalp, and helps prevent dandruff.

For those with a sensitive hands…

You need: products that remove dirt and grime while also adding moisture back into the skin, and nourishing creams that protect the hands against elements and irritations.
Try:Crabtree & Evelyn Jojoba Oil Conditioning Hand Wash, a soap-free gel hand wash that leaves the hands feeling refreshed without decreasing skin hydration levels; and People for Plants Lemon Myrtle, Camellia & Manuka Honey Hand Cream, a highly-absorbent hand cream that protects and nourishes the hands thanks to its lemon myrtle, vitamins A and E, manuka honey and camellia oil.

Do you suffer from sensitive skin? What are your top tips for avoiding skin irritation? Have you tried any of these wonderful products?

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