How-to: eliminate blocked pores


“I absolutely adore my large, blocked pores,” said no-one ever. And if someone in the history of the entire human race has actually uttered those words, they were lying. Clearly.

Yet despite the world’s common dislike for not-so-pretty pores, the focus on clearing said pores usually revolves around those on our nose area only. And to that I say this: what if I also have unsightly pores on my forehead? And my chin? Good question. (Even if I did pose it myself…)

It appears I’m not the only one pondering over this insightful thought. Bioré – the creators of the legendary pore strips for your noggin – now have a pack that contains strips that can be used on the entire t-zone. Yes, you can now remove all that delightful dirt, grime and oil from the pores on your forehead and chin, too, as well as eliminate unsightly blackheads. Hallelujah!

You want to see what this splendid pack looks like, right? Well, who am I to deprive you of such skin care goodness…

Biore Ultra Combo Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

See how it says seven nose strips and seven face strips? That’s where our excitement lies. In an effort to obtain a flawless complexion similar to that of Karolina Kurkova or Sandra Bullock, we’ll now be targeting our entire t-zone on a regular basis. We’ll also be ensuring we only use them in the evening, so we’re not applying make-up straight after use and undoing all our hard work. Instead, we’ll be performing a double cleanse, before toning to help tighten the pores. Yep, that’s what we’ll be doing.

Oh, and if you’ve never tried pore strips before but suffer from blackheads and an oily, blocked t-zone, I suggest you do. Because not only do they actually help unblock your pores, it’s rather fun to take a quick squiz at the strip post-removal. Some may say it’s disgusting and horrifying to stare at the gunk that once resided in your pores, but deep down we all know they love it. There’s just something grossly satisfying about it, you know

Have you ever used Bioré Pore Strips before? Are you excited to know you can use them on your chin and forehead now if need be? Do you find it oddly intriguing to look at the strip after you’ve removed it?

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