These Are The Best 6 Paula’s Choice Products


They are all around us. It could be your mother, sister-in-law, the person who was waiting at the same bus stop as you this morning. Paula’s Choice die-hard fans are everywhere, and even if you’ve never heard of this cult-favourite brand yourself, there is a high chance that someone in your inner circle has. 

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And you might be able to identify them by their radiant, youthful and clear skin, or the extra dosh they’ve got in the bank because they are clued in to the skincare brand that achieves results at an extremely affordable price.

Founded by – yes you guessed it – a woman by the name of Paula Begoun, the brand was developed because Begoun spied a gap in the market for affordable, scientifically-backed ingredients that will actually deliver results and won’t trigger irritation.

With ranges catering to those with super sensitive skin, dull skin, dry skin, rapidly ageing skin, oily skin or just perfectly normal skin, there is a block-coloured bottle waiting for you no matter your skin type, concerns or goals.

The only downfall? Being unable to decide exactly what you need to add to cart. So, do your t-zone a favour and have a squizz through our absolute favourites from Paula’s Choice.

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

Currently holding the title of number one Paula’s Choice product worldwide, this 4.5 beautyheaven star rated exfoliant well and truly lives up to the hype. The leave-on exfoliator is formulated with a powerful 2% per cent concentration of salicylic acid to improve skin tone, unclog pores and keep your complexion congestion-free, and it’s particularly great for those who are acne-prone, all the while remaining gentle enough to be used morning and night.

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Clinical 20% Niacinamide Treatment

If you’re looking for a niacinamide serum that packs a powerful, respectful, well-tolerated and skin-perfecting punch, Paula’s Choice has released its highest concentration of vitamin B3 to date.

The new Clinical 20 per cent treatment works to visibly reduce oversized pores, dramatically fade blemish marks and scarring, plus combats unwanted redness.

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Paula’s Choice Resist Super Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30

Introducing the perfect last step in any AM skin routine. This moisturising, sheer-tint acts as a natural, skin-protecting base thanks to its silky texture, soft matte finish, SPF protection and antioxidant-rich formula which acts as an environmental defence and prevents premature ageing.

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Paula’s Choice 25% AHA and 2% BHA Exfoliant Peel

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming, thin grey tube; this at-home peel delivers BIG results. For a dramatic improvement in deep-set wrinkles, bumpy textures, dull tones and clogged pores treat yourself to this rinse-off exfoliant peel.

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1% Retinol Booster

Any skin care whizz knows the importance of incorporating a good retinol into your routine and this award-winning variation from Paula’s Choice is as good as they come.

Treat yourself to clarified, younger-looking skin thanks to the benefits of wrinkle reduction, brown spot fading, sun damage repair and treatment of adult acne. Phew.

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Hyaluronic Acid Booster

For an effective HA serum that is suitable for all skin types, including those who are prone to the odd breakout, this booster from Paula’s Choice needs a spot on your bathroom shelf. Visibly diminish fine lines and sun damage and bask in your new plump, glowing skin.

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Do you have a Paula’s Choice favourite? If not, which are you excited to try? Main image credit: @paulaschoiceau

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  1. I have 4 Paula's Choice products in my stash at the moment. They are all from the CALM range because of my sensitive skin and Rosacea. The Nourishing cleanser I would say is very similar to QV Face Gentle Cleanser. I also have the Repairing serum and 1% BHA lotion exfoliant and they are pretty good. The restoring moisturiser is ok, but a little greasy for me. Their website is excellent and has a lot of information on there and is very informative. They are a little pricey, but I guess being from the U.S has something to do with that and there are a lot more expensive products out there than these. When I ordered I found the site easy to use and my order was processed and on the way the next day.

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