These Are The Best Overnight Hair Treatments


Beauty prep is practically endless. We may be loosely paraphrasing but it seems that sometimes life is what happens while you’re busy sorting your beauty schedule.

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From face mask Monday to fake tan Thursday, there are endless prep steps on our to-do lists and they can be damn tiring. So tiring, in fact, that sometimes you’re just dying to skip the lengthy evening glow-up session and go straight to bed. 

But, we understand – sometimes you need a good eight hours rest and glossy locks for the next day. Well, it turns out the two aren’t mutually exclusive after all. Think it sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Meet overnight masks. 

They may not specify ‘overnight’ on the packaging, but these hydrating, hair-healing treatments can absolutely be left in while you catch some z’s – they literally work whilst you rest, and in the morning your mane will feel as refreshed as you do.

Wella SP LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir

We say: Formulated to restore strands from root to tip for long-lasting smoothness, this 5 star-rated overachieving oil can also be used during the day to help maintain shine after you wake.

You say: “Dream to use. Not weighing hair down either. It is super light, so I use it not-sparingly. Just adore the whole experience: from scent to transforming my fur fuzz ball into something healthy looking and manageable and sleek.” – Yohanna

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Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

We say: A hair treatment that’s cheap as chips and strengthens, repairs and hydrates hair? We’ll take 10.

You say: “The results were great: my hair was super soft, smooth, and the dry ends were less visible.” – veronica strange

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Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Intensive Hair Masque

We say: If daily heat styling and colouring is starting to take its toll on the condition of your strands, treat yourself to a night of pampering with Pantene’s deeply hydrating mask. You’ll wake with the life restored back into dull hair.

You say: “ I’ve actually found that my hair stays oil free for longer with is great since I only wash my hair every 3-4 days. My frizzy, wavy hair is now super smooth and tangle free.” – kellyjadebeauty

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Coriander Strengthening Potion

We say: Just as your mind and body needs adequate time to recoup each night, so does your hair. Avoid brittle and fragile strands from taking over and enlist the help of L’Oreal’s coriander-rich formula to revitalise and strengthen your mane.

You say: “I have hair fall problems that stem from medication. I have noticed that my hair is much more manageable and feels much stronger. My hair loss has subsided slightly and hopefully will continue to do so as I continue to use this product.” – Cindz14 

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Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense

We say: It works well for blow dries, but that doesn’t mean it’s not amazing for bedtime too. Let it hit strands with a super-shot of shine while you get some shuteye. 

You say: “This is an amazing hair oil. My hair sometimes looks dry and dull but this oil changed that. It is a transparent yellow serum that feels slippery when first applied onto hair but it soaks in quickly and doesn’t cause greasiness” – pixie96 

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ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment

We say: Add shine to dull hair plus control frizz and flyaways with ELEVEN’s protective treatment that uses silk amino acids to condition and protect the hair while you get some zz’s.

You say: “The treatment makes my hair feel much more smoother and softer, without weighing it down like many other treatments do. It makes my hair look noticeably shiner and healthier” – Marisa 294

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  1. gggrrrr….I have a bottle of the Redken Diamond Oil Elixer….where is it? I have no idea. I moved it and as I did I thought to myself 'Dont forget that you put it there'…..then I forgot that I put it there and now I have no idea where there is and I cant find it 🙁

  2. At the moment it is coming into a Very Cold Winter so I wouldn't be wearing a hair mask but it would be great in Summer Time, to have a hair mask on all night.
    Will keep this in mind for the Summer Months.

  3. Oh I love it! You are not alone. Can't find lots of things I put somewhere 'special' to remind myself to use. One of them is the Palmer's Coconut Mask mentioned in the article. Don't worry it will show up eventually.

  4. ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment is pretty good, but Wella SP LuxeOil is just magnificent! It leaves your hair feeling soooooooo soft, and it smells amazing! I’ve used up several bottles of this. It’s not cheap, but the bottle goes a long way, and you really do get what you pay for. I must buy myself some more when I get around to it.

  5. I've used the Palmers mask but not overnight, and to be honest I liked it but I'm a bit hazy so to me that means not a miracle worker. It might be different if used overnight though.

    EDITED. Just checked my review and I have used it overnight and it worked better so I do recommend it. I gave it four stars. LOL

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