3 of the best natural skin care ingredients

3 of the best natural skin care ingredients

Our insides require nutrients, vitamins, minerals and adequate hydration to not just function, but to function well. This is not just essential for optimal inner health – your skin will also benefit from the goodness of nutrients and added hydration, too.

Nutrient-rich, naturally derived ingredients can help to increase moisture, as well as support your skin’s own replenishment and detoxification processes – all of which provide the foundation for healthy-looking skin.

So the next time you’re looking to incorporate more naturally derived ingredients in to your skin care regimen, look out for these three goodies so that you too can reap the benefits of more nourished, healthy-looking skin…


#1. Inca Inchi Oil

Native to Peru, this exotic-sounding ingredient is wonderfully rich in essential omega fatty acids, as well as bionutrients and vitamins C and E. It works with your skin’s natural processes to help restore its moisture barrier functionality, and also offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

#2. Peruvian Tara Seed

Working deep within the skin to boost moisture levels, this seed also strengthens your skin’s natural moisture barrier to help prevent future dehydration. It’s also high in vitamin C and B, as well as complex sugars.

#3. Yerba Mate Tea Leaf

This popular South American tea leaf has been nicknamed the ‘Tea of Life’ for good reason. It’s rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, and is high in bionutrients such as polyphenols, amino acids and vitamins B, C and E, which all help fight free radical damage.


Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturiser makes use of all these incredible ingredients to help give you a more nourished complexion. Thanks to the many vitamins and bionutrients in the formulation, it assists in replenishing lost moisture, while also boosting your skin’s own defence against dullness and roughness. The result is radiant, healthy-looking skin for you that stays looking younger for longer. Its high natural ingredient content also makes it a rather great choice for those wanting to add more natural beauty products to their regimen, without sacrificing on real benefits and real results.

Have you heard of these naturally derived ingredients? Could your skin benefit from their nourishing abilities? How do you feed your skin?

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