6 products every man needs in his grooming kit


Men are simple creatures; even more so when it comes to grooming. They don’t need a lot of products, but they do need a few key goods that get the job done from top-to-toe with minimal fuss.

That’s why we’ve whittled down our must-have male beauty loot to just six products. Yep, we’re suggesting it’s OK for your man to pack lightly when it comes to product, as long as he does so wisely…


#1. A hydrating body wash

Dudes tend to sweat a lot. They also tend to shower a lot. This is a good thing for our noses, because perspiration can become somewhat smelly, but it can be a bad thing for their skin. Excessive washing – and overly hot showers – can strip the skin of its natural moisture, causing dry, flaky skin. And while we’re never going to suggest a man stop showering when he’s dirty, we will suggest that he uses a nourishing, hydrating body wash to prevent moisture loss each time he steps under the running water.
Dude-friendly buys:Derma e Psorzema Body Wash, a natural body cleanser that gently soothes irritations while rebalancing and hydrating the skin; GAIA Made for Men Wash, an invigorating spearmint-scented wash that contains coconut oil to cleanse and soothe at the same time.

#2. A good skin-clearing cleanser

Large pores and oiliness go hand-in-hand with male skin. It’s not like they’re grimy – it’s simply because their face contains more hair follicles than a females, which not only produces oil, but attracts dirt and debris, too. This means a good cleansing routine is a must. Morning and evening would be ideal, but because we know they’re a little slack when it comes to maintaining a solid skin regimen, we’ll settle for a once daily cleanse in the shower.  
Dude-friendly buys: The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Face Wash, a masculine-scented wash that boosts skin vitality while ridding the skin of excess oil and other impurities; and LUNA for MEN, an electronic pulsing facial brush that rids the skin of impurities, while also preparing the skin for shaving.

#3. An easy-to-apply body moisturiser

You know how all fellas need a hydrating body wash? Well, they also need to apply a body moisturiser once they step out of the shower. Problem is, boys are lazy (even if they are 50 years of age) so it’s best to keep a moisturiser with a pump-pack top on hand. That way there’s no lifting, no unscrewing and no squeezing required, which makes life a whole lot easier. Pop one on the counter top and he’ll be slathering on the good stuff seven times a week before you know it.
Dude-friendly buys: Molton Brown Enlivening Toko-yuzu Body Lotion, a citrus-scented lotion that contains ingredients to nourish and tone the skin; and Avène Cold Cream Body Lotion, a non-greasy body lotion that restores skin suppleness without causing irritation.

#4. A quality hair removal tool

Shaving rash is painful. So are nicks and cuts. But on the face? So. Much. Worse. Besides regular exfoliation, shaving cream and aftershave balm, a good hair removal tool that leaves your skin smooth and supple is a must for a man when it comes to maintaining happy facial skin. Without one, he’s more likely to suffer from shaving rash and skin sensitivities.
Dude-friendly buys:no!no! for MEN, a pain-free hair removal device that helps to dramatically reduce hair regrowth in just 12 weeks; and Gillette Fushion ProGlide Power, a razor that not only shaves super-close to the skin, but also lubricates the skin for a smooth, comfortable shave.

#5. A lightweight facial lotion

I don’t know if it’s laziness, ignorance or lack of care, but applying facial moisturiser seems to be low on most dudes’ agendas. This is disappointing, really, because hydrated skin is happy skin, and the moisturisers on the market today are anything but thick, gluggy and oily. Said moisturisers also contain vitamins and minerals to protect the skin against ageing, which we all know the men secretly adore.
Dude-friendly buys: Natio for Men Firming Face Moisturiser, an antioxidant-rich moisturiser that fights free radicals and promotes firmer, healthier skin; and MooseHead Oil Control Moisturiser Face Cream, an oil-free cream that contains vitamin E and aloe vera to enhance skin health and improve skin tone while also reducing redness and irritation.

#6. A broad-spectrum facial sunscreen with a high SPF

Men love spending time in the sun. But do you think they’re super-sun savvy? Probably not. Hand your man a facial sunscreen – one that’s lightweight, broad-spectrum, and non-ghosting or greasy – and plead with him to apply it daily. A majority of all premature ageing is a direct result of time spent in the sun unprotected, so if he wants to stay handsome and fresh-looking for as long as possible, he’ll need to slip, slop, slap daily.
Dude-friendly buys: Cancer Council Day Wear with Aloe Vera, a light, non-greasy moisturiser with SPF 30+ protection that absorbs quickly to hydrate the skin; Ella Bache Great 50+ Facesaver Active, a moisturising formula that prevents dehydration and UVA and UVB damage; and Nivea For Men Protective Moisturiser SPF 15, a broad spectrum lotion that softens the skin while preventing premature ageing.

Does your man have a ‘grooming kit’? Does he use any of the above must-have products? What beauty loot do you think a man needs?

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