The Best Lactic Acid Products For A Gentle And Effective Exfoliation


If you haven’t yet been introduced, lactic acid is the sensitive, gentle-spirited member of the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family. 

But don’t let its delicate nature be overshadowed by its glycolic acid siblings who are known to pack more of a punch, because while it may be considered more tolerable for easily irritated skin, it still delivers an effective exfoliation. 

In fact, lactic acid can produce visible results when it comes to minimising fine lines and wrinkles, plus boosting the hydration and radiance of dry, dull skin. 

So if your complexion sits in the sensitive camp but you’re still looking to dabble in active ingredients, we’re here to recommend the following lactic acid cleansers, serums, masks and scrubs for results minus the irritation. 

Panemorfi Skincare Lactic Acid Gel Cleanser

The Panemorfi Skincare Lactic Acid Gel Cleanser offers an oil-free gel formula that’s been enriched with lactic acid and soothing aloe vera to thoroughly clean, exfoliate and hydrate. 

$55 at Panemorfi

BOOST LAB AHA Glow Resurfacing Serum

BOOST LAB’s AHA Glow Resurfacing Serum uses the latest resurfacing ‘Gold Standard’ lactic acid complex to effectively remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh, radiant and younger-looking skin underneath. Plus, the inclusion of naturally nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and manuka honey helps to keep dry complexions moisturised, smooth and clean year-round. 

“I applied the resurfacing serum each night and always woke up with lovely smooth face, within a few weeks I noticed my face was starting to glow.” – Trixidixi

$29.95 at Adore Beauty


NIVEA Daily Essentials Clean Deeper Daily Wash Scrub

Gentle enough for daily use, the NIVEA Daily Essentials Clean Deeper Daily Wash Scrub helps to prevent impurities like blackheads and clogged pores via the lactic acid and magnolia extract-rich formula. 

$7.69 at Chemist Warehouse


Nu Skin® 180°® AHA Facial Peel and AHA Facial Peel Neutralizer

Nu Skin®’s 180°® AHA Facial Peel and AHA Facial Peel Neutralizer creates a younger and smoothing looking complexion by stimulating cell renewal and enhancing collagen in just minutes. The scientifically proven formula uses a 10 per cent lactic acid solution to sweep away sun damage and the appearance of ageing. 

$88 at Nu Skin 


Paula’s Choice Clinical KP Treatment Cloths

Specifically targeting keratosis pilaris, the Paula’s Choice Clinical KP Treatment Cloths are soaked in eight per cent lactic acid and two per cent salicylic for an all-over reduction of bumps, breakouts and redness.

$45 at Paula’s Choice


Synergie Skin ReVeal

Synergie Skin’s ReVeal exfoliating serum utilises an active blend of lactic, malic and salicylic acids to improve dull skin texture, boost luminosity and increase hydration. 

$115 at Synergie Skin


Alpha-H Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask

This advanced home peel courtesy of Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask offers a long-lasting deep hit of moisture and a potent collagen boost. Rich in all the heavy hitters, this rejuvenating formula features glycolic acid, lactic acid, shea butter, HA and squalane.  

“Immediately after using my skin is very hydrated and feels soft and just clean. It also looks radiant and brighter. The next day my skin is still very hydrated and plump. It helps to keep any hyperpigmentation at bay and any other issues such as dry patches etc.” – Gorgina 

$89.95 at Adore Beauty

Nude by Nature Hydrating Cream Cleanser

This new to the market cleanser is formulated to remove impurities, dirt and makeup, while moisturising and softening the skin. Made with naturally derived ingredients including shea butter esters, coconut oil and lemon aspen, the Nude by Nature Hydrating Cream Cleanser releases lactic acid on contact with the skin to soften, smooth and deliver a silky after-feel.

$22.95 at Myer


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  1. The Boost Lab formula is interesting. It contains 'Lactic Acid – Arginine Complex 15%', which I suspect is the ingredient sold as 'AHCare L65'. The strength is more like 10% lactic acid*. However, it is a slow-release so I think it would be a good product to try as it should be less irritating.

    * Quoting from AHCare's brochure:
    > In a clinical study with 17 volunteers aged 25-29 years old, a 10 % lactic acid solution and a 14.7% AHCare L65
    solution were compared. The concentration of lactic acid in these two solutions is equivalent.

  2. I have Ordinary lactic in 10% that is superb, will use up later. Using atm mandelic (gentle and great in effective softening of skin), glycolc (stronger a bit than lactic apparently) and PHA (gentle, great) . Love acids and have and use all range day & night. Works superbly on keeping my skin so plump, smooth, skin tone better and better by the week etc.

  3. Thanks BH for the information regarding Latic Acid I also like gentler formulas like the Nude by Nature Hydrating Cream Cleanser also like to try BOOST LAB’s AHA Glow Resurfacing Serum as well.

  4. Some lovely products I didn’t know about have used the boost labs resurfacing serum and enjoyed it 🙂 love the idea of the treatment cloths and would love to try the Alpha H Mask.

  5. I use Goldfaden MD's Fresh A Peel, which contains lactic acid + some fruit acids for good measure. It gets along well enough with my sensitive skin, although at times it can be a bit irritating. I only use it once a week though, or sometimes once a fortnight as I'm alternating it with a sample of Mukti Organics 2-in-1 Exfoliant right now.

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