4 of the best instant skin correctors


Our relationship with time is rather fickle, isn’t it? Sometimes we want it to go slow. Sometimes we want it to go fast. And sometimes we just want it to plod along at the precise pace it was always intended to move at.

When it comes to time and beauty products, we not only want our loot to work well, we want it to work instantly. Yep, no time wasting here, thank you. And while a decent chunk of time is required for some lotions and potions to show results, there are a few ingenious inventions that dutifully give in to our impatient beauty needs…


#1. nanoblur

What is does: reduces wrinkles in a flash
How it works: this super-smart skin-correcting cream blurs unwanted creases and lines in the skin thanks to its millions of micro-prisms. Said prisms help diffuse light in many different directions, making your face appear airbrushed, naturally. Yep, it’ll make you look like you possess wonderfully perfect skin in seconds. Apply it after your moisturiser and sunscreen, and before your primer and make-up base.

#2. Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturiser

What is does: immediately enhances your skin’s natural glow
How it works: using the power of light (sound familiar?), this tinted moisturiser contains light-reflecting minerals to instantly make your skin radiate with health. It’ll also diminish imperfections leaving you with even, glowing skin. The fact that it contains skin-nourishing soy and SPF 15 is just a bonus, really.

#3. Skin Physics Pore Away Mattifying Base Primer

What is does: minimises pores, quick smart
How it works: by absorbing excess oil, this lightweight, oil-free formulation leaves the skin matte and shine-free all day, making your pores less obvious. It’s unique Pore Away complex, which contains a precious medicinal resin that comes from the bark of a tree grown on the Greek island of Chios, also helps to visibly reduce the appearance of your problematic pores over time. Win.

#4. Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30

What is does: corrects skin discolourations in a flash
How it works: thanks to its dual-layered colour-correcting properties, this CC cream neutralises your complexion while hiding imperfections with a hint of colour. Redness, pigmentation and blotchiness is immediately minimised, and the hydrating formula ensures your skin stays plump, soft and glowing all day long.

Are you rather impatient when it comes to seeing results from your skincare products? Do you have any skin issues you’d like to fix instantly? Have you used any of these quick-fix beauty products?

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