3 of the best in-flight skin care products


No one looks good when they step off a long haul plane. No one. (Well, the famous folk might, but they’ve had a lot of help. Trust me.) Many of us even struggle to look fresh, radiant and wide-eyed after jumping off an interstate flight. I know I do.

But I have a plan. A plane plan. It involves drinking lots of water. It involves getting some shut-eye. It involves not sipping on alcohol. And it also involves a smartly packed beauty bag that contains these three in-flight must-haves, which will see you combating dehydration and dull post-travel skin.

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#1. A hydrating facial mist

I can’t go a day without spritzing toning water onto my mug – there’s just something wonderfully refreshing about it, you know? This feeling is only heightened once on-board a flight, mainly because your skin is becoming more and more dehydrated as ever minute passes, leaving it severely thirsty. By spraying a hydrating facial mist onto your skin each hour, you’ll not only give your skin that big sip of H2O that its craving, you’ll help soothe any redness or irritations, too. But before your sprtiz your face, apply an intense moisturiser like Hamilton Urederm Cream all over to give your complexion an extra moisture boost. 

3 of the best facial mists: 1. Uriage Thermal Water Spray, 2. Avène Thermal Spring Water, and
3. La Roche-Posay Thermal Water ($8.95, 50mL, 1300 101 411).

#2. A nourishing cloth mask

Gosh, there is just so much to love about these inventions. Firstly, they look hilarious. And by hilarious, I mean somewhat scary. But that’s all part of the fun. Secondly, they’re just so darn handy, because they don’t require rinsing, which we all know is rather handy when you’re on a plane. And thirdly, your skin instantly drinks up their hydrating, softening and replenishing ingredients. The result? Plumper, less lined skin when you finally touchdown.

3 of the best cloth masks: 1. LonVitalité C3 Collagen Firming & Wrinkle Removing Red Wine Mask, 2. Skinvitals H-Revive with Honey + Grape Seed Oil, and 3. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask.

#3. A skin care travel pack

I’m one of those skin care obsessive weirdos (if you insist on calling us that) who removes their make-up as soon as the seatbelt sign is switched off on an international flight. I race to the bathroom to cleanse and tone, before returning to my seat to apply my eye cream, serum and moisturiser. (I don’t want to be too much of a bathroom hog, after all.) This makes skin care travel packs essential. Other than containing conveniently sized products under 100mL, they allow me to complete each step in my usual skin care routine on a plane with ease. Bonus: you’ll also fly through security when you’ve got one of these bad boys in tow, eliminating the traumatic experience of a guard throwing out your super-expensive skin care because they’re larger than the legal carry-on size.

3 of the best travel skin care packs: 1. Kosmea Summer Essentials Collection ($29.95), 2. lapureté Wakame Nature’s Protect & Repair Starter Pack, and 3. The Jojoba Company Travel Essentials Pack ($24.95, 02 9651 3030).

What are your in-flight beauty must-haves? Do you have a plane plan for your skin? What does your in-flight skin care routine consist of?

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