Best In Beauty Awards 2020 – winners announced!


The wait is finally over! It’s time to announce your 2020 Best In Beauty Award winners…

Over the past few weeks, you, our beauty-obsessed audience have voted for the products you love most to determine a whopping 90 award winners and runner’s up! 

Can’t stand the suspense any longer? Neither can we! Here are all of your Best in Beauty winners for 2020.

And if you entered the competition to win one of this year’s Best in Beauty prize packs valued at $1000, be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see if you’re one of our lucky winners, too.

Best of luck!

Congratulations to our Best in Beauty 2020 prize winners! You will be contacted via email to organise your prizes.

Sparkle 77
Midnight Blue

Did any of your Holy Grail beauty products win an award? Are there any products you’re excited to try?

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Comments 98

  1. Hi Sparkle, have you received the confirmation email from BH to organise delivery of the prize yet?

    I’m checking as I know that I sometimes has issues with getting emails from BH and they have not always been getting back to me.

  2. Hey Jessica, Has BH contacted you yet regarding winning and delivery details? I know that I have an issue with BH and their emails and I don’t want to be the only one who has not replied to them.

  3. No Elunia I haven’t received a email on Congratulations for Winning and when the delivery of the Prize Pack will be at all.
    I have been wondering how long before we hear anything from BH Staff.
    Guess that they have been exceptionally Busy. With Christmas and the 12 Days of Christmas Gifts as well.

  4. Question for you Margi, have you received an email from BH confirming the win and details for delivery?. I have heard nothing yet and I wondering if anyone else have.

  5. I wasn’t expecting it to be posted out but I was not sure if they had contacted the winners to collect details yet (they have our details already but the terms and conditions says that we are to be contacted).

    I was one of the members who stopped getting the BH newsletters and I think it is fixed now but I wanted to make sure that I was left out. But if others have not been contacted then there shouldn’t be an issue.

    Thanks for replying and Merry Christmas!

  6. Elunia I haven’t been contacted but I know how busy the bh HQ is so I think we might have to wait until after New Years before they have time?

    Until then we can keep wishing, dreaming and hoping in anticipation 🙂

  7. Elunia Unfortunately it is the 10th January 2021, still haven’t received a Confirmation email at all I hope that all the Winners receive One soon with details on how long we have to wait for the Prize.

  8. My family have been asking about when it is coming. I presumed the last few weeks were a write off so hopefully we get some news soon. I don’t mind waiting for the products, like you, I am just wondering when the confirmation email will come through.

  9. Elunia I hope that BH haven’t forgotten about us still no message of congratulations and details of when the prize will be sent. Now that it’s the 15th of January.

    Will be so Wonderful when the Prize arrives!

  10. I haven’t received an email yet but hopefully it’s coming.

    I’m guessing that the prizes need to be sent from the brands involved to bh first (??) so that could take a while, especially this time of the year.

  11. I asked if we were going to get an email update as we never got any formal notification (terms and conditions said that we should of gotten an email back on 7 Dec along with our names being posted on the site). I tried to stress that I am well aware that it may still be a while until we get our products though which I don’t mind too much about.

  12. Margi, Elunia, Sparkle – congrats on your win, but it is very weird that you haven’t received an email. The year I won one of these big prizes, I received an email before names were published online. Didn’t find out what prizes I’d actually won until the parcel arrived, but I definitely had an email confirming the win. Hope you hear something soon and we look forward to seeing your prize hauls in the forums.

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