The Best Humidifiers To Save Your Skin (And Throat) This Winter

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We’ve barely begun to feel the full wrath of winter and already we’re waking up to dry and sore throats from the air losing moisture. So we can only imagine what rude awakenings are soon to be in store for our skin… which begs the question, would buying one of the best humidifiers in Australia help?

As the temperature drops, we’re quick to switch to cream cleansers and rich, nourishing moisturisers. But does it all go to waste if our faces are left to fend for themselves in the cold night air?

The main purpose of humidifiers is to add moisture to the surrounding atmosphere, helping to prevent the irritations (and annoyances) caused by dry air. So if your skin, nose, throat, or lips seem to become zapped of all hydration in winter, it could be a clever purchase for the bedroom…

The best humidifiers to shop in Australia

Best all-round humidifier: Philips Air Humidifier Series 2000

In our humidifier research, this one from Philips ticked a lot of boxes. It features three humidity settings, a sleek design, and a sleep mode to help keep it quiet while you snooze. It also covers up to 32 square metres, which would suit most bedroom sizes.

$194 at Amazon AU

Best small-sized humidifier: SMARTDEVIL Desk Humidifier

If you’ve got enough clutter on your bedside table, this compact design is the one for you. As far as the best humidifiers go, they may not feature the highest tech or largest water reserve but they are available in some fun colours.

$69 at

Best for big rooms: Arovec™ Top Fill 2-in-1 Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser

best humidifier

Need a humidifier that works hard in large areas of the home? This is your guy. With a 4L water tank and 360° rotatable nozzle, it can provide up to 30 hours of continuous operation to keep you breathing easy. You can also pair essential oils with the humidifier’s mist to spread your favourite fragrances throughout the room.

Try: In Essence Sleep No Lavender Essential Oil Blend ($39.95 for 25ml at Myer) and Buckley & Phillips Easy Breathe Essential Oil Blend ($14.95 for 10ml at

$119 at Amazon AU

Best for free shipping: Aer Pro Wireless Portable Humidifier

best humidifier

If you’d like to test out the benefits of a humidifier without spending big, we’ve sourced a bargain. Available in green, coral and white, these sleek, portable humidifiers are currently on sale at a $20 discount. AND they offer free shipping Australia-wide.

$89.95 (currently $69.65) at

Have you ever tried a humidifier? Are you starting to feel the effects of winter?

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  1. I’ve never used one and can see why some people would want to. I think a lot of dry skin and lips can be due to overheating the workplaces and home. I’m still astounded at how hot offices are when I come in from outside. Some feel absolutely stifling, turned up to 27C which is overkill. No wonder people have their skin and lips drying out. Also, because it’s cold a lot of people tend to stop drinking water or reduce the amount down which can also affect your skin.

  2. I have a rainforest that we back onto here so it seems to be moisture enough in the air too and I’m in the habit of leaving windows wide open for fresh air so I’m not sure if I need one of these. It would be good in drier areas

  3. Finally an article about humidifiers! I am never without mine! An often overlooked skincare item that is essential for those of us who live in dry climes. Super important to use one if you use hyaluronic acid!

  4. I’m definitely feeling winter and the allergies that come with it. I have a humidifier, I worry if I use it too often it may effect the bedroom walls? and cause more humidity than is needed in my house? if that makes sense

  5. I don’t need a humidifier, my house has enough mould as is & my skin has begun to change the older I’m getting. If anything, I might need a DEhumidifier! (And they’re rather costly.)

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