Best facial with benefits

Best facial with benefits

A pampering French facial. A decadent hand treatment. Microdermabrasion just got luxurious…

What: Gatineau Paris Dermabrasion Skin Renewal Facial
Where:Gatineau Paris salons nationally. Call for 1800 037 076 for your closest.
Spend: From $120
Treatment time: 60 minutes

The experience

I’m not a girl who has facials too regularly. You know the story: no time, can’t be bothered, too expensive, nobody notices apart from me… But I’m starting to think I should cast the excuses aside and do it as much as possible. Because, you know what? I’ve been so wrong.

The only reason I need to book in for my next facial is that it feels really, seriously good. At least my Gatineau Dermabrasion Skin Renewal Facial did.

When I checked in for the facial, I was looking dehydrated, tired and drained. I’d never had microdermabrasion before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was surprised by how pampering this treatment was. Nothing felt harsh – I wouldn’t have even known it was happening if I wasn’t told, especially when the ‘hand facial’ began.

While my face was being cleansed, smoothed, exfoliated and plumped, my hands were scrubbed with bamboo (which is apparently safe even for sensitive skin) and massaged with a beautiful balm. I felt fresh and smooth and lovely – and that was just my hands.

The facial was fantastic too – I felt nourished and looked bright and far less sleepy. And, finally, I wasn’t the only one to notice!

– Jackie, Managing Director

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