The Best Face Oils For Combatting Every Skin Concern

The Best Face Oils For Combatting Every Skin Concern

If the cold weather of winter has truly wreaked havoc with your skin, it may be time to turn to a face oil.

If you ask us, they’re one of the best and most luxurious ways to add moisture back into the skin — plus they’re easy to slap on right before you hit the hay.

And even if hydration isn’t your worry, there are so many different oils out there that are specially formulated for your skin type and concern, so you can really customise your skin care regimen.

So if you feel like your skin needs some extra loving, look no further as we round up the best facial oils for every complexion and budget…

Best face oils for brightening…

If your skin looks dull and tired throughout winter, opt for a brightening oil to give that lacklustre complexion the flick.

Look for ingredients such as rosehip oil, Kakadu plum and vitamin C to help boost radiance and even help minimise pigmentation.

Habitual Beauty Rejuvenating Face Oil 

We say: If your complexion is lacking luminosity, look no further. Enriched with Kakadu plum and omega fatty acids, Habitual Beauty’s restorative face oil will fade pigmentation and restore glow to the skin.

You say: “I usually need a facial to get this glow but it can now be obtained with a few drops of my new favourite oil and…..BAM…just like magic, I look radiant! I applied it once a day either in the morning or even depending on when my skin needs it the most and as the weather warms up I will reduce it to a couple of times a week.” – Sparkle 77

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$120 at Adore Beauty

Ella Baché Radiance+ Treatment Oil

We say: As its name suggests, this gardenia-infused oil works to shield the skin against external aggressors as it boosts the skin’s hydration and radiance. It’s the perfect finishing step to any morning and night routine for brighter, happier skin.

You say: “It also sunk into my skin quickly with no oily residue left. My skin instantly felt refreshed and hydrated, improved even further by then adding my moisturiser (I use Ella Bache creme intex). After only the few days my skin also looked brighter and felt softer.” – Louise77

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$82 at David Jones

Best face oils for targeting wrinkles…

If ageing skin is your concern, there is a wide range of facial oils to help target and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Look for a formulation that includes plant-based oils such as cranberry seed, carrot, wheatgerm and calendula to help soothe and repair dry, mature skin.

Skin Physics Nature’s SUPEROIL

We say: Suitable for all skin types, particularly those seeking to target fine lines and wrinkles while they sleep. Infused with seven youth-enhancing oils including seaberry, sandalwood and rose of winter, this potent plumping oil will leave your skin bouncy, rejuvenated and fresh.

You say: ” In the past I have had breakouts and flare ups after using oils on my face so didn’t want to risk it triggering my rosacea. The dark purple/ black dropper unscrews from the bottle and a couple of drops goes a long way. My neck skin feels so soft in the morning and I like the way it stays moisturised all day.” – Tracky dacky

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$39.95 at Skin Physics

L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil 

We say: Here’s our pick for the best anti-ageing, supermarket facial oil. For under $40, reap the benefits of L’Oréal’s eight carefully-selected essential oils and marvel as your complexion begins looking plump and refreshed before your very eyes.

You say: “I have mature skin and I’ve been using the oil at night for the past few weeks and can honestly say my skin is looking more nourished, smoother and radiant. My makeup now seems to glide on and blend into my skin with ease leaving a nice silky finish.” – onlyoni

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$35.99 at Chemist Warehouse

Best face oils for hydrating…

Hydrating facial oils are perfect for those with dry skin, adding moisture back that has been lost.

Ingredients like jojoba and avocado oils and vitamins A and E all help to replenish the skin, leaving it feeling nourished and plump.

Does your skin need an extra boost? Try adding a few drops of your facial oil in with your moisturiser. This will help provide the added kick your skin is looking for.

Glow Lab Rosehip Oil +Plus

We say: As well as being an effective brightener, the Glow Lab Rosehip Oil +Plus has been formulated with the active ingredient, Beracare BBA™. Which means what, exactly? According to the brand’s clinical claim, this powerhouse ingredient will increase the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels by up to 82 per cent after nine days. In other words, your face is going to be extremely hydrated.

You say: “I used this post shower, applied half a dropper full (which did face / neck and dec) and left it at that (it’s summer and humid, anymore would have felt too much) and woke to a soft, clear skin that felt amazing…and all from a product that costs around $20.” – ParisienneChic

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$20.99 at Chemist Warehouse

MOR Correspondence Skincare Hydrating Face Oil

We say: Retain existing hydration, prevent moisture loss and inject additional nourishment. Formulated with meadowfoam seed and sea buckthorn, MOR has mastered soft, supple skin.

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$26.96 at Oz Hair and Beauty

Nude by Nature Renewal Daily Facial Oil

We say: This powerful natural antioxidant-infused oil is formulated with a sustainable marine extract (Ocea Defence®). The lightweight formula gives your skin a hit of (much-needed) hydration while also creating a protective barrier from environmental factors.

You say: “In love with this facial oil! It is so silky and does not feel “oily” at all and I have been so impressed by how quickly it absorbs into my skin. I have oily skin so facial oils are hit and miss for me, this is a big hit and I would recommend it to all my oily skin beauties out there! The bottle with dropper is also really practical and the packaging is very minimal and looks lovely. This did not make me break out and I had no reaction it it. I use this just at night and my skin looks very hydrated the next morning. It also doesn’t leave any residue on my pillow or clothes overnight which is a massive bonus as some I have used in the past were a bit messy. I will continue to use this product and would highly recommend it for oily or sensitive skin.” – AndreaD

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$39.95 at Nude by Nature

Best face oils for balancing…

Not all skin types dry out through winter, and those with oily skin may find they still produce just as much oil as in the warmer months.

If you have oily or combination skin, using a facial oil may sound crazy. But actually, applying an oil over oily skin helps counteract the oil production and can help even out the skin.

Ingredients like ylang ylang, green tea, rosehip and neroli all help to balance excess oil production, leaving skin feeling conditioned but not greasy.

Ipsum Best Skin Enriching Face Oil 

We say: Made from over 95 per cent natural ingredients, Ipsum’s lightweight oil has been formulated to keep the skin clear, luminous and even without weighing it down.

You say: “After face massage this oil just softens the skin and plumps it up so well. At times did not use any other skincare at all. But do use serum and cream most of the times. Oil is superb to return skin into healthy state after double cleanse and stripping everything after washing. Simple and effective oil.” – Yohanna

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$58 at Ipsum

esmi Skin Minerals Peppermint Green Oil

We say: An oil to balance the excess production of oil? Who would’ve thought. Enriched with vitamin E, peppermint oil and black tea seed oil, each drop contains a potent dose of fast-working anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant benefits.

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$65 at esmi Skin Minerals

Best face oils for soothing…

The change of seasons can also mean a change in our skin texture. Flare-ups such as rough skin, irritation and redness can be side effects from the harsh elements.

If your skin starts to feel any of these, a soothing facial oil is the way to go. Formulations with almond, calendula or hemp oils help soothe and calm red, irritated skin, providing relief from irritation.

Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate

We say: Created for problem skin, this non-comedogenic face oil works to soothe, calm and strengthen. Derived from cold-pressed hemp seeds, cannabis sativa seed oil will relieve discomfort and visibly reduce redness.

You say: “It makes my skin feel more resilient, it doesn’t cause any sensitivity, or redness, it definitely doesn’t dry it out. I like the product, it’s not the face oil I reach for regularly, but when I do use it, I think, I should use this more often.” – Ellishaleen

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$92 at MECCA

Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil

We say: Not only will the fragrance of the essential oils calm your mind, but the soothing benefits of sandalwood will simultaneously nourish your complexion. A treat for both your senses and your skin.

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$66 at Myer

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