The best facial oils to combat your skin care concerns


If the cold weather of winter has truly wreaked havoc with your skin, it may be time to turn to a face oil.

If you ask us, they’re one of the best and most luxurious ways to add moisture back into the skin —plus they’re easy to slap on right before you hit the hay.

And even if hydration isn’t your worry, there are so many different oils out there that are specially formulated for your skin type and concern, so you can really customise your skin care regimen.

So if you feel like your skin needs some extra loving, look no further as we round up the best facial oils for every complexion and budget…


If your skin looks dull and tired throughout winter, opt for a brightening oil to give that lacklustre complexion the flick.

Look for ingredients such as rosehip oil, Kakadu plum and vitamin C to help boost radiance and even help minimise pigmentation.

bh recommends:

  1. A’kin Brightening Rosehip Oil with Vitamin C
  2. Samson & Charlie Vibrant C Brightening Facial Oil
  3. Swisse Blood Orange Brightening Facial Serum

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If ageing skin is your concern, there is a wide range of facial oils to help target and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Look for a formulation that includes plant-based oils such as cranberry seed, carrot, wheatgerm and calendula to help soothe and repair dry, mature skin.

bh recommends: 

  1. Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Firming Face Oil
  2. Minenssey REJUVENATING Superfood Facial Elixir
  3. Clinique Smart Treatment Oil


Hydrating facial oils are perfect for those with dry skin, adding moisture back that has been lost.

Ingredients like jojoba and avocado oils and vitamins A and E all help to replenish the skin, leaving it feeling nourished and plump.

Does your skin need an extra boost? Try adding a few drops of your facial oil in with your moisturiser. This will help provide the added kick your skin is looking for.

bh recommends:

  1. The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil
  2. Oil Garden Avocado Oil
  3. Glow Lab Facial Oil 

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Not all skin types dry out through winter, and those with oily skin may find they still produce just as much oil as in the warmer months.

If you have oily or combination skin, using a facial oil may sound crazy. But actually, applying an oil over oily skin helps counteract the oil production and can help even out the skin.

Ingredients like ylang ylang, green tea, rosehip and neroli all help to balance excess oil production, leaving skin feeling conditioned but not greasy.

bh recommends: 

  1. Ipsum Best Skin Enriching Face Oil
  2. Plunkett’s Vita E Quick Dry Oil
  3. innisfree Green Tea Seed Oil

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The change of seasons can also mean a change in our skin texture. Flare-ups such as rough skin, irritation and redness can be side effects from the harsh elements.

If your skin starts to feel any of these, a soothing facial oil is the way to go. Formulations with almond, calendula or hemp oils help soothe and calm red, irritated skin, providing relief from irritation.

bh recommends:

  1. Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil 
  2. Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate
  3. In Essence Soothing Facial Treatment Oil 

*This article has been updated since its original publication.

Have you ever tried a facial oil? What benefits do you see when using an oil?

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  1. I’ve used The Body Shop Vitamin E and it’s nice. I’ve also used various rosehip oils. But my absolute favourite is my beloved Nuxe oil. It’s liquid gold. I don’t know what I’d do if they ever stopped making it.

  2. I love the feel of a facial oil. I use an oil to replace my serum and night cream particularly in the winter when my skin needs more hydration.
    Thanks Beauty Heaven for the great list of oils.

  3. Oil does not hydrate, just can’t as it is oil. Swisse Kakadu Plum Brightening Serum have used, it is not oil…but it is not sold any more for a long while. Swisse has new formulation , but haven’t tried their new serum.

  4. Ok I have tried so many rosehip oils because they never have any bad reviews, but they smell so awful and I just can’t deal with putting that on my face. Is it just me or does anyone else think they smell really bad?

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