9 Of The Best Cream Cleansers For Dry Skin

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When it comes to the cooler months, switching up your skin care products can make a big difference. And as the first step of your routine, browsing the best cream cleansers for dry skin is a good place to start.

Cream cleansers are excellent for removing dirt and impurities while keeping the skin comfortable. Hate getting that tight feeling after washing your face? A cream cleanser should stop that.

Along with their creamy texture, they typically feature hydrating and gentle cleansing ingredients. And even though they’re often labelled as the best type of cleanser for dry skin, they can be of benefit for anyone experiencing irritation or sensitivity too, or as a second cleanse after wearing heavy makeup.

Sound like something you need? Here are some of the top picks, as reviewed by our members.

The best cream cleansers for dry skin

Sukin Naturals Cream Cleanser

sukin cream cleanser

We say: With a 4.3/5 star rating from over 100 reviews, this is by far one of the most popular cream cleansers on beautyheaven. The lotion-like texture is very gentle on the skin but can be used to remove light makeup.

You say: “I have been using this cream cleanser for years and just love it. It’s natural ingredients, has a beautiful fragrance and leaves my skin feeling cleansed, hydrated and smooth. It doesn’t dry out my skin and a little bit goes a long way. I prefer the pump action bottles as you can easily dispense the cleanser and to the amount that you want and need. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this cleanser.” – Kooshi

$11.99 at Priceline

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Trilogy Rosehip Cream Cleanser

trilogy cream cleanser

We say: Evening primrose, jojoba, carrot and almond oils join Trilogy’s signature rosehip oil for a super nourishing cleanser formula.

You say: “This cleanser is lightly scented and creamy and gives a nice foam without being messy so nice and easy to use. I have sensitive skin and this is gentle and leaves my face feeling clean and soft. I use it with my battery cleansing brush and I can see from my brush that it removes all the grime and makeup from the day.” -JuJu47

$22.95 (100ml) at Chemist Warehouse

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A’kin Nourishing Cream Cleanser & Toner

akin cream cleanser

We say: No time to cleanse and tone? Think again. This cream cleanser provides two steps in one and is still gentle enough for sensitive skin and eye makeup removal.

You say: “I’ve been using this combined cleanser/toner for over a year now, I love it! As a busy mum of 3 little ones, having a product that does double-duty is a massive help for me with my skincare routine. This cleanser/toner is thick and creamy, and is perfect for my combination skin, leaving it soft and nourished.” -Stakky32

$20.99 at Chemist Warehouse

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Andalou Meyer Lemon + C Creamy Cleanser

andalou cream cleanser

We say: Dealing with skin that’s dull as well as dry? Add some zing to your cleansing routine with this vitamin C and antioxidant-rich formula.

You say: “I use this cleanser in the mornings due to its refreshing citrus scent. Really helps wake me up.  It feels gentle and smooth on the skin and leaves my skin feeling cool and refreshed while keeping my skin feeling soft and hydrated.”

$19.99 at Chemist Warehouse

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Dr LeWinn’s Private Formula Gentle Cream Cleanser

dr lewinns cream cleanser

We say: You won’t experience much lather with this soap-free formula but its super hydrating blend of vitamin A, apricot and avocado oils can’t be beat.

You say: “This cleanser is great because it does not cause my skin to feel dry after, cleansing, especially because I naturally have a dry skin type. It is a runny liquid that does not lather, I just massage and then rinse. This cleanser is good for use when I am not wearing makeup and just want to cleanse before my nighttime routine.” -GeeJ

$24.95 at Chemist Warehouse

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The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

the body shop cream cleanser

We say: Luxurious yet light on the skin, this refreshing cleanser is perfect for those who like to use a cream formula year-round.

You say: “I find a lot of cream cleansers heavy – even for my very dry skin. This one is nice and light and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I’m unlikely to use it in the summer or when I have a full face of makeup but it does a beautiful job on light makeup or as a morning cleanser.” – Steph Speth

$19 at thebodyshop.com

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Ella Baché Rinse-Off Cleansing Cream

ella bache cream cleanser

We say: Get that facial feeling at home with this non-greasy cream cleanser. Its a very soothing formula that’s ideal for those who experience redness.

You say: “I love this cleanser, it leaves my skin feeling nourished and balanced. I have sensitive skin so I like the fact that is doesn’t foam up as products like that usually irritate my skin and cause redness for me. This cleanser is calming and it leaves my skin feeling soft to the touch.” – Beautybabe140194

$70 at Adore Beauty

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Keep It Simple Skin Whipped Clean

keep it simple skin whipped clean

We say: Choose your cleansing experience based on how your skin is feeling with this powder-to-cream cleanser and exfoliator. Add a little water to form a gentle exfoliating paste or more for a creamy cleansing lather.

You say: “Use a 10 cent piece and mix with a little water, and it will foam up and be a lovely cleanser, that cleanses well, and leaves the skin feeling clean, soft and so hydrated, not dry at all. Use a little more product, and a little water, the paste will be thicker and creamier, and this is the exfoliator. It’s really gentle and soothing too, as well as satisfying as an exfoliator. I absolutely love it. It’s a new way to cleanse, and I can’t wait to try the other products in the range.” -Shop A Everyday

$49 at Priceline

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Clarins Velvet Cleansing Milk

clarins velvet cream cleanser

We say: This creamy cleansing lotion is enriched with organic yellow gentian and organic lemon balm to comfort the skin while it removes makeup and pollution.

You say: “This is a great cream cleanser that gets rid of the oil and sweat residue from my face from the day, without pulling and drying the skin out. I love using it in the mornings when I’ve to get up at 6 and be ready for a long day at college. I really don’t love using it to remove makeup once I’m home, but I find it really helps with gradually reducing my lumpy young skin texture.” – Lil_lou 

$46 at Myer

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Have you ever used a cream cleanser? Or tried any of the ones above?

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  1. I’ve only tried the Sukin one and it works well. Definitely prefer a cream cleanser over a foaming cleanser, they leave my skin feeling softer and not dry. Some of these are a bit pricey considering they are on your skin for around 30 to 60 seconds.

  2. I tried that Akin one years ago and I remember it becuase it was really good! Being a cleanser and toner in one I remember how it left my skin really toned looking. Not sure how it would be on my skin nowadays as my skin seems to have changed from oily combo to normal combo….. I need to go update my account details regarding this…

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